Distribution of higher tier loot

In my opinion, it is rather unfortunate that higher tier loot is only found in the northern regions.
It feels like after a certain point, you’re restrictet to the northern areas.
This should be changed somehow because to me it feels like a waste of a large portion of the
beautiful map.
Maybe raise the spawn probability of good loot in all areas after you hit a certain level.
I really hope you guys are looking into this issue.

Why not just fast travel to the area where the high tier loot is

That’s exactly the problem. I’d like to find good loot in the southern part of the map too.
But now i have no incentive to go there because there’s nothing of value.

Killing harvesters or tanks anywhere on the map can spawn special guns and special attachments. I got most of my special stuff from them.

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I have yet to get any weapons or attachments off of tanks, even T3. They drop ammo and components for me, 100+ hours in. T3 Harvesters at airfield is where my group farms for T5 Weapons/attachments. If you get a good spawn Musk. Port Complex is another A+ choice for groups to loot farm. the use of Field Radios is essential farming MPC.
Cheers, happy hunting

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Mostly ammo, meds, and components are found in south. Weapons and attachments more in the north. Eastern region seems to be better for XP…Not that any of that matters because if you have a T3 harvester on airfield, FARM IT :smiley:

Cheers, Happy hunting.

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