DLC and PS$ (who knows, maybe even XBOX, later on, if things go awry)

@Xogroroth and @FilthyLittleGodPS4, didn’t you two read what i said about off-topic?
Moreover, @FilthyLittleGodPS4, you acknowledged that you do not go any further off-topic, yet, your very next reply here is off-topic.

Off-topic posts removed. Next time, i’ll use more effective measures to keep order in this topic!



My apologies, miss.
I do not care that my posts derail, I even like it, if done well, so I did not think, as I am the posts creator, I was forbidden to derail it.
I do not do so with anyone else’s post.
But mine… I find it OK.

Still, note taken, miss. :slight_smile:


Poor Dev Team…

They are trying SO hard to get the console issues fixed, and they are down by these.
It’s so frustrating for them.

We should all give them a big cheer!!!
They surely deserve that.

How about it, Ladies and Gentlemen?

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