DLC and PS$ (who knows, maybe even XBOX, later on, if things go awry)

Hail all.

Been a while since I was here (March), and as some know, I have been not an easy fella.

I basically blamed Avalanche for a lack of machine types (not classes, types), and a failing machine
So, I am not exactly biassed in this regard, towards Avalanche and.or GZ.
Avalanche is not perfect, and the game is not either.

I just learned, many are angry at Avalanche for DLC delay times: In this regard, I am 100% behind Avalanche.
Please understand: the game originated with PC in mind.
Changing a PC game into a console game, is already hard in itself.
But there is more: there are certain rules and laws involved, that make things even harder.
Then, in the past months, there was CoViD-19, that things additionally complicated, and slowed.
One cannot forget these simple facts.

I am no coder, I am no programmer, I am no distributor, but I am not blind or ignorant either.
We ALL had our share of troubles from CoViD-19: from appointments being delayed or cancelled to belating of deliveries, or not being able to work due to the social distancing, I mean, we all have felt this.

And for a company, it was MUCH harder.
Especially, if you see how small the GZ team is.

YES, it is VERY unpleasant, I fully understand and agree.
But to put the blame where it should not be, at least for the most part, that is not quite correct, true?

It’s been hard on everyone, in one way or another, and Avalanche/GZ as well suffered from it.
Are they ENTIRELY “innocent”?
I will not claim THAT, but I DO claim, it is surely not their fault alone.
More so, I dare claim, the grand majority of causes lay OUTSIDE Avalanche/GZ…
And blaming them in these times, is not a good thing to do.
It is, in fact, the very opposite.

If we all try to be a bit more understanding… and where needed forgiving… things will go smoother.
For everyone.
Including yourself, no less…
Less stress, thus less unnecessary anger, and thus a happier experience in general.
Let’s all be a bit more understanding and forgiving, thus happier beings, shall we?

Kindest regards:
Ben#9226 AKA Xogroroth


Try telling this to the negative mind set people that cant have their minds changed

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Well, good sir, that is precisely what I tried, here.
So, your wish has been answered to. :wink:


Beautiful post.

The world needs more kindness and patience in every regard right now.

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A fair opinion can help in cases where it seems to hurt the image. I will have to pile on a little bit to the negative as well when I’m releasing my video, but I still agree with the contents of this post.

It’s not easy at all and I can only imagine how a developer, a team, has to work through this. Anyone can be mad and there is some backing behind some people. Truly some are ignorant, but hopefully the Devs and can pick up on the constructive and fair side, and hopefully moderators don’t resort to iffy cleansing so the point never reaches the other side.

The times are tough, but hey… Tough times make for strong people. I feel things are slowly easing back to the normal, so I’ll remain optimistic, even if my video does come to pointing a little bit otherwise.

As of current date, the FINX Rising DLC is out for Xbox and devs have also cracked the issue with PS4, so that update is soon going to roll out for PS4 as well.



What was the issue?

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The Boss man himself explained what the issue was;


Thank you, @Aesyle.
This is quite clear, short and to the point, no nonsense.
I prefer these types of communication.

I have good hopes for the PS4 community, and one cannot say, it is best to release now and endure the issues, rather than to wait a bit longer and have these issues resolved.

In the end: what’s more frustrating: continuos crashing upon entering/leaving of a player, or to wait a tad longer, where tad is [x] amount time?


If I had time to watch a video about it, I’d have just watched a video about it. :joy::joy::joy:

Would you kindly mind giving me a quick synopsis please?

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From another topic within forums:

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@FilthyLittleGodPS4 MP issues leads to crashing, fixing it, be back soon.


PS: Oh, nice one, miss!!! XD @Aesyle

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Thanks, guys.

I’m in a public place with no headphones and won’t be home for a few hours so Video is not An option.

Much appreciated.

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@FilthyLittleGodPS4 Most welcome, as always, sir. :wink:

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What was that latest update about that happened recently?

I haven’t played in a week, I had a Gen Zero update, just curious why?

Question merged to relevant topic.


@Baboo1 Read above in this topic to see the answer to your question.

Sic vita est, to answer that part, or in English: such is life.
Why things happen, chaos theory has a nice explanation, should you really want an answer.
In short: well, things just… happen…

Of course, there are logical explanations, faulty coding, coding interfering unexpectedly making chaos, then there are the forces that are beyond us, like the CoViD-19 outbreak, rules, laws, and worst of all: PEOPLE, that complicate all even more.

I could write several books about these topics, physics, coding, Mathematica, algebra, Garfield, quantum physics, astronomy, and whatnot, but as most is already written down, that would be somewhat pointless.

Right now the issue is fixed, though a very few seem to run issues in MP.
They will see into this and fix this, but that will take a bit of time, there’s no Harry Potter stick to do this instantly.

Patience is needed, as well as understanding and tolerance.
It’s a small group, the Dev Team, battling issues in the game (coding) as well as outside the game (as said afore).
Getting angry and insulting will solve nothing, not for them, not for you, the reader.

So let us all sit back, light a candle, and go Zen, shall we?

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As in one very hungry cat: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Garfield

However, with this, the off-topic stops. I don’t want to see any other off-topic chatter in this topic. You two can discuss Garfield in the PMs.


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@Aesyle @Xogroroth

Won’t go any further off topic, just wanted to say I know and love Garfield, was just wondering his relevance to this topic.

Thank you!