DLC area - finding the Lunar jacket

Found the Lunar fireworks and the skin for my companion.
But I’m still looking for the Lunar jacket.

Someone on FB (I rarely follow that account) mentioned a DLC area where this jacket can be found.
How many DLC areas are there? And which ones - is there a map or something like this?

Just want to complete this and time is ticking :sweat_smile:

The jacket is simply found on Tanks, Harvies, Wolfs and Firebirds. There is no special area it can be found in, and the only DLC area to exist in game is Himfjall.


Thanks Indominus_J, I’ll have to do some fieldwork I understand :anger: :sunglasses:

Yeah, just keep hunting the big machines, like Indominus-J said.
I got my jacket from a Firebird.

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Not sure any more… Went to Lilla hammarnäs and turned east. Then I fought my way towards FOA and returned. There were many big machines, so that it wasn’t hard to get the jacket and the skin.

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I got the companion paintjob from the first Harvester after the event had started and the jacket from the second one. Both of them being prototype class… :man_shrugging: So that event didn’t last too long for me, :crazy_face: :man_shrugging:

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So definitely a big machine that carries it?

I’ll go there now, curious!

2 prototype tanks gave me mine right there, companion skin & lunar jacket, not real difficult to get everything with still 10 days to go, & firework boxes are real easy to find also

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Well, that seems rather individual so far - for me.
Yesterday I encountered a lot of different and big machines level 4.
From East to West, from North to South.

Maybe I missed it somehow, somewhere. If it is that easy and fast to find. Have to check several Plundra’s, but where and when… I can do that at the end of the challenge.

You won’t find it in the plundra.
It’s an apparel.

Look where your clothes are.

Realized this. Yes, checked it again and… found it :dizzy_face:

So with all the fights I didn’t see this/missed it when looting them.

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This is just about your statement having to check several plundras.
You have only one plundra, all safe houses will show the same plundra.
Yes I Iknow, this feels like something magical. It’s game magic.


Didn’t know that! Thanks again.

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