DLC Collectable listed on non-DLC map

I just recently got the DLC for the PC version. Agreed, they are a resonable price. I got the PS4 version to play with a friend.

I love this game, and I don’t like to complain about it, but I’m starting to get quite frustrated that there are still so many, niggling, wee bugs, after about 1 and a half years since release. A lot, you can mostly ignore, or let go, but this one actually wasted a fair amount of my time. I just discovered another bug, on the PS4 version, where the starting safehouse was permanently tracked on my compass, no matter what other locations I tried to track to get rid of it. It was a little confusing for navigation, sometimes. There was another occasion, where the “Stronger Together” side mission POI marker dissapeared from my map.

Again, love the game but bugs are still there and annoying. Thought this one was a pretty bad one for those of us who like to 100% locations :slightly_smiling_face:

They are disappeared from Overby Gard and Arnerod. I looked for them for lot’s of hours and i didn’t found. Then I go on YouTube and these collectables too are not where they should be. And i checked the place where they should be, before go on YouTube. Please devs take a look at this problem. I’ m playing solo and on pc. Someone says that they should be, someone says that they are on dlc, but i found the weapons in Arnerod and Overby Gard too. So what’s the truth?

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Collectible in Överby Gard (Farmlands) is only present when you have FNIX Rising DLC. Without it, there is no collectible to be collected, despite loc counter saying so.

Same goes for Arneröd (South Coast) as well.

Ok thanks, but devs now needs to warn us when the game shows the windows on top right of the screen and when you select a location in the map. Devs you need to fix this thanks, because we can’t drive crazy for looking for collectable.

Is the same thing for the weapons?

However there is a need to list them.

Not that i’m aware of.

Ok thank you for the help

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Ok i’m in Skrankebol is the collectable in the dlc? Wth i’m sick of this thing.

The collectable in the crater (the reaper file), Is available to everyone. It came with a free patch.

Edit: I may have confused the crater with the location you pointed out

I checked now on YouTube and this collectable is not there…

Alright yeah. Do not mind me, I had gotten confused and thought that is what the crater was. Anyways I can still try to help, where is Skrankebol.

Yes, it is.

You know…i’m tempted to draw few lines on the map, to show you which areas to dismiss, since they contain DLC collectables.

SE of Airfield, Farmlands (0, 1285)

We must to do a the list because i think that to devs don’t care about this…

Went on and drew the line. That should stop asking for each and every location. :roll_eyes:

Everything inside the red circle, are areas where DLC collectables are found. (Had to do few hoops to avoid locs where vanilla collectables are found.)

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Lol thx finally the right help. Thx again.

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I’m playing on xbox one and the Hallanbacken collectable next to the vehicle station is missing
Yet another missing collectable at fiskeback, should be on table but not, is this the norm for the xbox version of the game it seems really broken considering how long it’s been out.

Do you have FNIX Rising DLC?

If not, then look here: DLC Collectable listed on non-DLC map

Thank you so much for letting me know I was considering asking for a refund as I have finished the main game and alpine expansion and was going around getting the secrets. I’m gonna have to use a guide just so I’m not wasting time which kind of takes the fun out of it for me.
I hope they fix this problem soon.
As for the game it’s one of the best I’ve played for along time, I will get the expansions eventually. Just got fnix rising awesome

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You’re welcome. :wink:

Last one looks like a bunny hop… :rofl:

Now, when you say it, i also see it. :smile: