DLC experimental ideas/experimental ideas

Idk if dlc exps are planned or not but i have ideas

A chance for its shot to act like an emp or a delayed explosion/remote triggered explosion like pressing the fire button again to explode it or a guided rocket

Makes the bullets act like hacking darts so you can long range hack

Shooting two or more arrows at once or an “overcharge” for extra piercing or extra damage

Extra damage to machines within in 5-10 metres of each other like more crow control and it goes up by a percentage for each bot like group of 2, 2.5% extra damage, 3 robots, 5% extra

Like the hammer but more directional and the shockwave travelling for 5 or so metres

Brannböll bat
Every fifth or so hit you charge up your heavy attack and hit a base ball that creates a small explosion on impact

G79/grenade launcher
Have the grenades act as cluster genades so have a main explosion then 3 or 4 smaller ones

Decay bullets/DOT bullets like shoot a machine and it takes increased damage for a period of time (it would be too op if it stacks so cant stack the effect), or have it act like acid eating away at the armour or health of the bots