DLC Experimentals and New Gun suggestions

Hi again! I have no idea if devs will ever make experimentals for DLC weapons and it makes sense since they put a lot of ideas on the vanilla exp guns but I do have one idea for the N16 and some new guns for the game.

  1. Experimental N16: I mentioned this in the discord server but if they ever made an experimentals for any of the DLC guns, I think a underbarrel grenade launcher for the N16 would be badass. It could use another form of ammo (35mm) and can be toggled on up d-pad (I’m on xbox, sorry PC players idk the button for it on keyboard)

  2. Carbine N16: I know we already have the N16 but a Carbine version made for CQB would be nice. The normal N16 is already in a gray area or just medium range in general and it’s tough to kill Military Hunters and more so making a compact N16 would make it’s purpose only for close fights with runners and hunters

  3. The FN FAL: I know another person talked about this in the server too, and I agreed with them. It was the FAL. Just a rifle that could be the same as the AG4 or different. If the devs want to make it more unique and make it semi only, I would totally be fine with that.

  4. AK74: Yes this is just the AI-76 with a straight magazine and loaded in 5.45, but I saw someone complain on how ammo is so universal to almost every gun so adding a new rifle with a different ammo type would be something new and make that person and others who agree happy.

If you guys want to add on y’all can, I’ll probably have some more to put as well.

Carni said it in yesterdays stream:

Before they will add experimental versions of DLC weapons, they first add experimental versions for all base game weapons.

But nevertheless, an underbarrel grenadelauncher maybe is a thing that could be added as general attachment by the upcoming weapon augmentations update. Who knows. I’m still excited about what it will Change and of course when it will arrive. At least this year, refering to the roadmap.

Which base guns are left?

  • bat
  • möller
  • Meusser
  • sjöquist
  • HP5
  • AI76
  • AG5