DLC forum spoiler wave

Everyone, I am not trying to lecture anyone or come across overly salty. And as I am in between jobs for a month, I have come to abuse this forum to an unhealthy extent. I read everything, more or less.

NEVERTHELESS, I play the game as everyone else and I am not through the base game yet. I want to do the DLC after that. HOWEVER, it is super hard to be here in this forum, to enjoy the community, to help others and such WITHOUT getting spoilered permanently.

I feel I already know 50% of the DLC without having played it. And I just notice that this really annoys me.

Can we please have a DLC section where everything goes into that has to do with new missions, scenery, NPCs, and the like?

Or is this a completely unrealistic expectation? If you feel that way, please tell me.


Same problem here, @pegnose. I’ve bought Alpine but I won’t get the time to play it until Christmas. If the title of a thread as much as suggest spoilers I simply don’t open it. By accident I’ve read spoilers and seen pictures that do spoil the joy of experiencing it yourself.

But it is hard to avoid and I have posted spoilers without adding warnings myself. You see something cool and you just want to share it.

But just today I saw that @Zesiir marked a thread with a spoiler tag. I didn’t know we could do that. Can anybody, or the author, or regulars, or only moderators do that? If we all could, we could help each other and the forum by tagging spoiler threads as we go along.


Hmmm? why do you read those spoiler posts then? just dont click and open it :wink:

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I try that actually. :wink:

(this smiley was kind of salty as I had expected exactly this kind of reply from some; so let me enlighten you then…)

But then I read a thread about the general implementation of NPCs in the game and someones drops a line like “that mission defending that hotel”, where I had not heard of any hotel before or was aware of any defense missions in the game.

It is easy to avoid clear spoiler threads. I even don’t read the “Populer bugs” thread anymore for exactly this reason.

Thank you anyways @LtAnders. It just confirms to me that some of the people here just don’t care.

I saw that as well. Thank you @Zesiir for your sheer endless effort in making life good here in this forum!


Unfair question. You can’t help running into them and reading them before realizing they were an unmarked spoiler.


I’m on here regularly. If I see anymore spoilery posts, I’ll tag them as well. You can also flag the topics for me to tag, if you see them.


at least on here you can usually tell by the post title if it has a spoiler
the Facebook group page is full spoiler posts that get shoved in your ace without any warning