DLC island suggestion

Open the game for test-runs of new enemies and equipment of any type with a (new) DLC where one larger island in this world has been unstable by the FNIX in its own time-continuum.

One island (DLC) where the player knows that content will change from time to time. And eventually content that works out good from that island can spill over into the base game. Items/rewards from that island may work in different ways or not at all outside the island.

Seasons can have future enemy soldiers like Landfall update, dinosaurs, daemons and aliens even (according to narratives already existing in the game) - without changing the overall base game structure and narrative.

(I mentioned a DLC island in the Generation Zero Survey feb 2022.)


What would the point if this be? Testing new features? Although it does sound pretty dope regardless.

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The point of not changing the overall base game structure and narrative :slight_smile:


  1. A neat solution that meet the developers investment of being an evolving game without breaking the game so many times and not breaking the players who are invested in the game.
  2. A soft spot between running campaigns with new time-limited stuff like other games do and maintain the original game functionality.
  3. Open up for something that the company can make money on without bloating/breaking the game.

In short, a way to eat the Semla and keep it. Everyone wants that solution.

What? demons and aliens? This game is about fighting machines


Robo demons. I’d go for it.

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Also new types of machines and bases belong to a separate island, to be fully tested they aren’t bugged and break the game, before put into the normal world.

That would give our favorite game studio a chance to have massive real players testing ground in the same game as normal game. Testing so far seem to be limited and some severe bugs missed by test team annoy all the other players when implemented in the main world.

This would be a efficient way to do more (testing) with less (testers) and also quite fun for some players like me that finished the main narrative to try new stuff.

What Fwerkie said. Who knows what would could be implemented and if proves popular gets to stay as part of the main game.

If all the smaller islands around our main island is already reserved by devs building new DLC’s, there is a whole uncharted world beyond the islands.

To get to a time limited place anywhere from the main island the narrative already allow submarines or underground trains to take you there. Whenever drones or airplanes are implemented they could also be used to get there. No need for roads and fully mapped areas if they are removed after a time anyway.