DLC Items not in account

Did you purchase them mid game? If so, relaunch game. If not deactivate then reactivate DLC.

no just wondering. If it still doesn’t work after everything, let me know. I’ll drop you a few decent weapons so you don’t feel ripped off. But trading can only happen in game within the same gaming platform

tried this didnt work bought them days ago

i bought mine a long time ago. only the resistance packs were new for me recently. The rest were bought mid game i guess, as they came out

Have you also tried to check filters within Plundra? Theres a chance youve had it on a higher tier filter than what they get given as, which is Good quality.

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nah no filters didnt even know you could do that

filters in your equipment inventory and plundra box

Making a full new character and world worked all items are in it now rip that i had to restart fully though

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Have fun! :partying_face:

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The DLC weapons will be in your storage lockers. You get level 3 stuff and it will be attachments and some ammo. You will also find the DLC weapons and attachments on the machines.