DLC Items not in account

Bought All the DLC’s the other day but i dont have any of the weapons on my character and id rather not restart is there any way i could get them?

You don’t get the weapons on your character. it gives you access to them when found
And you can trade for them from others if they have them

i got some of the weapon packs with all the dlc too? my friend has weapons straight up in his storage from that but i dont

I do believe you get a few basic ones in your chest, but maybe it’s random. I didn’t get any from most of the packs i bought, but i did get the bow in my box when i got the resistance pack.

yeah ive gotten every single pack though and 0 additional stuff in storage on the resistance pack store page it says you should get the baisc versions of all weapons in it

uninstall and re-install the game, or try making a new character. The new character probably won’t work though as they share the same plundra loot box for all your characters.

would i lose all my characters doing this? or would they stay (character didnt work tried that)

in order to get those basic weapons you are missing would most likely require a character wipe, because you would need a new plundra box

damn that sucks guess ill have to do that

how many characters do you have and how long have you been playing

only around 8-10 hours but was with a friend so im gonna have to make him wait till we can play together and be at the same point

ok. no big loss then
leveling is pretty quick to begin with

yeah restarting now hoping this works coz it should let me progress way faster

don’t need to be the same level, unless the gap is huge

i mean it would be around a 15 lv gap

delete characters first after giving any of your stuff to your buddy first

then un-install and re-install

deleted the world too gonna see if it works then if not ill reinstall

Do you play on Steam?

yeah why? does it affect it