Dlc: relics of war

A simple weapons pack this included ww2 weapons, unlike other weapon packs you will find these in the ruined bunkers and houses, as well as robot drops for higher quality ones. Plans for ammo are unlocked when you pick up weapons that have their own unique ammo.

KG m/37 (BAR)

The Swedish version of the BAR, this .30 cal LMG has exceptional damage especially when loaded with AP rounds but comes at a cost of not having an extended mags or barrel mods, you can put rifle sights on it though and it i good at longer ranges. uses 20 round box mags.

Raketgevar 46

A 70mm rocket the Bazooka does slightly less damage then the base game AT weapon, but comes at a bonus of of a lower profile on the user. Other then that it functions almost the same. ITs ammo type has HEAT, dummy, and Incendiary rounds.

HEAT: high explosive Anti tank
dummy: staggers even a tank
incendiary: fire explosion.

Kpist m/37

A high fire rate SMG, by default it has a 20 round box mag, but one can rarely find its 71 round drum mag as a mod. the highest cap SMG in the game, to bad it is full auto only.

Hope these are liked ideas, I just used wikipedia.

Yeah i am not going to say anything since this have been heavily debated already


I generally detest the idea of a WW2 weapon pack, but I think a KG M/37 and a Swedish Mauser would be really cool. Both were still in use in Sweden up until the early 80s.

One of the reasons for this idea is Ukraine, not that it is happening but that it is showing how even ww1 guns will be used in modern combat if the forces are desperate or ill equipped.

so strange seeing an supper bazooka being used in tandem with AT4s by Ukrainian troops.

I can understand this, as it is an overdone concept, but it makes sense for regions like this do to the history, and just how many weapons are in their armories and civilian hands.

Well, there are good arguments for and against a ww2 weapon pack. But at least it’s a game which purpose isn’t getting as many weapons as possible, but to fight the machines. And for this setting and purpose ww2 guns are just too much in my eyes. But ok, it’s a dlc and it’s optional.

One more argument: with even more weapons, and we’ve seen it with us and soviet weapon packs, the basic loot would become even more hard to get. I still haven’t found an Älgstudsare with more than 3c.

For a game where you fight humen, they would be ok, because they are as deadly as modern guns.

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And that there is one of the problems I Have with the DLC in this game, I like that they are added to the loot tables, but I still only have a T1 rocket launcher, even though I have a t4 RPG-7, I can’t load EMP or smoke into the RPG… I need those EMP from time to time.

You can get a 5c Gustaf from a Warboard mission in the Marshlands called ‘The Bridge’.

Ok note to self go do that one.