DLC Request: German Weapons Pack

I’ve been thinking about what weapons we could use in GZ, that would also balance well in between the existing weapons.

I’ve thought about a German weapons pack.
Specifically the 2 first ones I have to say are burning wishes I personally have, and I’ll add a 3’rd one just for sport.

7.62mm / Rheinmetall MG-3

The ultimate 7.62mm machinegun. It would have the same damage but a significantly higher fire rate than the N60 and KVM 59, and therefore also have a slightly poorer handling than those two, forcing you to either crouch/lie down, move in closer before enganging, and fire shorter bursts.
The sound of this gun alone should be enough to send machines running!

.375 H&H / Mauser style hunting rifle

A sniper rifle class weapon to bridge the gap between the .270 and the .50 BMG.
Would require a new ammo type.
It should have a 1+3 round capacity, ability to mount a silencer, and use the same scopes as the Meusser and Älgstudsare.

5.56mm / H&K G41


While this was an “unsuccessful” weapon IRL, that doesn’t really count in games.
This gun is a little bit heavier than similar 5.56mm rifles, and therefore it could have better accuracy and less recoil than the N16 and AG5, making it a better choice for DMR fans.


Oh man, I’d love to see and hear the MG-42 in the Apex Engine. Brrrrrrrr!


Oh yeah! That thing is a monster in Far Cry 4 and 5. Totally OP, at least if you give it it’s real-life fire rate. :sunglasses:

Ohhhh, Yessss ! the MG3 i love her :grinning: You can only shot her from the hip when you are running. Lifting it at aiming is sheer impossible due to her 11,5 kg plus cartrige belt . When you are lying on the Belly and fire her from the bipod then she is acurate.


That is true, @helldiver But the FN Mag (swedish Ksp 58) weighs the same as the MG-3, and the M60 is just 1 kg lighter.
So it’s never realistic to carry or fire a machinegun like you do in GZ anyways. :sweat_smile:

But it’s fun! :sunglasses:

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Yeah I liked the MG3 back in my duty in the Bundeswehr.

But personally I’m not quite sure about the HK 41 as it’s very similar to the G3 / AG4, just a lighter version chambered for .223.
But otherwise as I really liked the G3 back then I’m all in for the HK41, too… :+1: :wink:

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Personally, it sounds really cool, but there are quite a few AR’s, heavy machine guns, and sniper rifles chambered in 7.62. So, although the fire rate would sertaintly set this rifle apart, it just seems so close to everything else in functionality.

The HK 41 was the spare Rifle for the HK 11 what was designed for shelless ammo. In 1989 it was ready for joining the troops but they abandoned it as the Wall falls in Berlin. The HK 41 was the rifle that was developed beside the HK 11 in the case that the 11 had no commercial success. The HK 41 was a evolution of the G3.

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To be honest, I picked the G41 just to make it 3 weapons. I know it’s nothing special. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I’m with the norwegian home guard, and from our next exercise (in june) I’m getting the role of machine gunner, using an MG-3. I actually can’t wait to try that thing out! That said, we are phasing out the MG-3, in favor of the 5.56mm FN Minimi. However, the home guard are the last ones to get new equipment, so I bet we’ll have the good old MG-3 a while longer. :+1:
Back in 2008 I was in the King’s Guard in Oslo, and then we still had the G3 rifles. Sure, they are sturdy, good rifles, but not really a fine precision instrument. :wink: Now the old G3’s are out of service, and we’re using the HK 416. That weapon is an absolutely wonderful shooting machine!

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What we should have is a german straight-pull rifle, like the Blaser R93, which is faster to reload than a bolt-action. But as the name suggests, it wasn’t made until 1993. :blush:

I second the MG3 addition - had to suffer through carrying it in the early 2000s during my military training, but it’s a nice gun…

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I can promise you that you will have much fun, shooting with the MG 3. She is easy to handle. Putting the cardriges into the belt is a little fumbling but the rest loading and get her ready to shoot is easy. You only must have a sensitive trigger Finger for firing 3 or 5 shells. Brrt…Brrt and the Belt is empty. :grin:

The regular G3 is a rough weapon because she is thrown in the dirt and falls on earth. That’s the fate of a assault rifle. But there are G3 in sharpshooter configuration. It has a longer barrel and is carried in a suitcase. With a scope she is more precise than a regular G3. But i had shoot during my military service with a old G3 mine had a wooden stock for the shoulder and the hand protection. I had adjusted her on a sandbag and after that i fired free hand at the shoot distance of 200 m, Standing, kneeling and lying on the belly and i always hit my target well. In my opinion a good result with that weapon.
The HK416 is a really good weapon she is accurate also after you fired some magazins. The Barrel is a little thicker than that from the G36 what is now the actual ordonance weapon. The G36 looses accuracy when she is hot. But the new ones got a revamp to solve that issue. The HK 416 is in use at the special forces of the Bundeswehr.

Well, if it could be fitted with a long range scope, and fire controlably, maybe it in fact would be good for Gen Z. My only concern at that point would be ammo consumption.

Walther WA 2000 could be good for a german pack. It was manufactured in the 80s. Very expensive so maybe 200 made. And not suitable for dirty field conditions. Used by german police in small numbers. And no need for new ammo since there was variants for 7,62x51.

I would be very keen for this. The MG-3 is a re-chambered and refined version of the MG42. Gimme!!

Just one simple question:

How would you explain such a weapon pack?

The actual weapon packs are from factions that are mentioned in the story. The soviets even became an active faction in the game. Before, there were at least some hints to them (camps, boxes, dead soldiers).

We have to be careful with our wishes that the focus is on the quality of the game and not just for the fun of some players and the bankaccount of the developers. Some of them (other well known studios) became stingy and just deliver more and more useless paid content instead of fixing issues or optimizing the experience, developing the story or the quality in total.

Just more weapons/clothes/craftables which aren’t needed are a thing to add when the game development is finished.

One simple explanation: NATO.

West Germany is part of NATO, and NATO is directly responsible for dropping the US weapons over Östertörn, which means they can do the same with german weapons.

A neighbour country like german is probably concerned about what’s going on in sweden. And in order to prevent it from spreading and without risking the life of the people in their country. Drop a few weapons to thoose fighting is helpful.

Personally I don’t want more weapons pack from more countries. I rather have a pack with weapons that swedens armed forces and homeguard used back then or had in storage. It would fit the story line and would work great as early weapons in the game.

But I can always make suggestions for weapons that could be in a specific country pack.


That is a good point actually. Aiming accuracy should be affected by your position - standing, crouching or prone. That way the heaviest weapons could be given a severe penalty for being operated while standing while lighter weapons could be given a milder penalty or no penalty in the case of pistols.

The MG3 (Swedish designation Ksp m/94) is used by Swedish forces since Sweden also use Leopard tanks from Germany. The MG3 is therefore a feasible weapon.

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