DLC Request: Hunting Weapons Pack

Here’s another weapons pack I’ve been wishing for. I honestly think these hunting weapons would have been of great use in GZ.

.44 Magnum / Lever-action rifle

This would have been an immediate favorite of mine! Give us a rifle to help chew through the tons of .44 Mag ammo we find.
This weapon should have a 10-20% higher damage than the .44 Magnus, because of the much longer barrel.
It’s fire rate should be a little bit quicker than that of the pump shotgun.
It should be able to take 2x ACOG, 1-4x and 4-8x sights.
The tubular magazine should be extendable, with a stock capacity of 1+4 rounds, and 1+9 rounds with a 5 crown extended magazine.

12 Gauge / Over-under shotgun

Another shotgun would be cool.
It only has a 2 shot capacity, but it can fire off those as fast as you can double-click, and it’s really fast to reload in the hands of a skilled shooter.
It could technically be able to take the same sights as the pump shotgun with the right mount, but personally I would prefer it’s iron sights, as long as it gets a proper sight rail for finding your target quickly.

.375 H&H / Mauser style hunting rifle

(Also suggested in my German Weapons Pack topic.)

A sniper rifle class weapon to bridge the gap between the .270 and the .50 BMG.
Would require a new ammo type.
It should have a 1+3 round capacity, ability to mount a silencer, and use the same scopes as the Meusser and Älgstudsare.


would the .375 H&H be semi auto? other than that these are good ideas, the shotgun looks pretty epic too

No .375 H&H Magnum is a big game caliber normally seen in bolt action rifles like the Älgstudsare as seen in the pic

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Those look great. Especially the 375. My only question is, I’ve seen a version of the .44 lever (it was chambered in .45 LC, but the style and Size was the same) it could hold 5 or 6 in the mag, and one in the chamber. So, although in theory the extended mag wouldn’t be a problem, the base guns itself should hold at least 5 in my opinion.

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My favourite weapons in the game is älgstudsare. So I’m all for more bolt action rifles. Awesome for taking out runners and seekers long distance. But in a fight against bigger opponents close quarter it stays in the box.