DLC weapon request

hello I have a question is will there one day be prototype weapons for the DLC weapons ? because there are a lot of weapons in the DLC and some could benefit from certain passives in prototype like the bow with homing arrows or the M60 which could be equipped one in each hand like Arnold Schwarzenegger N16 which could which could fired a kind of acid which would melt the robots or the G69 which could shoot balls of frost and the flamethrower which could use Greek fire which would be more powerful with another color

I think the devs basically said at one point that they will only consider doing experimental versions of DLC weapons after all the base game weapons have experimental versions…?

So, before DLC experimentals, they’d have to do the .243, the PP, the HP5, the AG5, and the AI76. I think that’s it. Oh, no, wait—and the Sjoqvist semi-auto shotgun.


You forgot the most important one.
The Brännboll Bat. :sweat_smile:

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i don’t use experimentals anymore, the augmentations are more fun on the 5*, EMP detonation & silence muffling, +++ 40% invisiblelity cloths +++ 40% invisiblelity skill :nerd_face:, I’ve killed a Havester while prone when the 3 hunters were not alerted standing right there

Oh, right, yeah, the bat. Turn that one into a lightsaber, experimental done.

devs, if you are reading, please do this

fun fact :blush: in Brännboll baseball, you don’t have have pitchers, you throw the ball up yourself and swing the bat

…I seem to recall a few games actually use that as a basis for attack. You pick up a bat and expect to swing it and hit things, melee combat…but then find out, it’s a ranged weapon! You toss up a ball, swing and hit it, and the ball strikes your target at a distance!

Now there’s some brain food for another experimental idea.

Bare with me; in Fallout 4, you could scavenge up baseballs and turn them into grenades. Literal baseball grenades.

Combine the two? Bat used to launch them, baseballs full of explosives with either a timed fuse or some kind of smart/proximity/impact fuse…

Baseball bat grenade launcher!