DLC weapons levels

I know that the basic game weapons have experimental level like the 12G pump action and the P90 .50BMG. But i was wondering does the DLC weapons like the PM-71 Machine Gun or the RLG-7 or even the Volkov pistol have experimental levels? And if so, is there a specific area to find these experimental weapons.


The experimental versions are exclusive for:

  • Klauke
  • Magnus
  • Kpist
  • 12G
  • AG4
  • KVM89
  • KVM59
  • Ă„lgstudsare
  • PVG
  • Granatgevär
  • Sledgehammer

… While the Älgstudsare, Magnus and KVM89 are new since one of the latest updates.


Do you think any DLC weapons will get an experimental level? Or even get to use experimental ammo? Bc the only weapons i use that aren’t from a DLC are the PVG90 .50BMG, the 12G pump, and the Kpist. Other than that everything i use is DLC related

If there currently is a caliber that fits your prefered DLC gun and has an experimental ammo type, yes then you can use it. Those are currently:

Experimental 9mm pistol ammo:

Experimental 9mm smg ammo:

Experimental 7.62 ammo:

Experimental 5.56 ammo:

Oh, and I don’t think that there will come experimental versions of DLC guns or related ammo. Well, maybe as a last act of niceness before ending development of GZ, which hopefully doesn’t come too soon or at least close to or short after the release of a prequel/sequel.

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To the dream killer, NightWolf4234,

While I think it was good of you to ask for a basic answer you didn’t already know, I have a bone to pick with you. You, my friend, yanked my chain hard. When I saw

I got all giddy and excited for a moment. For a good half a second I felt like a kid on Christmas morning that just found out that Santa delivered some awesome toy… Then I read the next word.

Just wanted you to know that for half a second you made me excited and ready to hop on Gen Z and hunt the P90 SMG down, and in the next, it was like you took that toy, loaded it into a rail gun and blasted it through three concrete walls. I may, or may not be, shaking my fist in your general direction right now. To avoid dashing my hopes and dreams in the future, it’s called the PVG90.


I missed a letter :joy::man_facepalming:t2: my apologies. I was not wearing my contacts in that message.

Mainly said it for a laugh, though there are a few of us on the forums who have voiced our opinions that we’d be very excited to see a P90 in the game. On the other side of things, it would require a unique animation and tuning to get it to work with all the different views, which can be a real challenge. Just look at the currant issue with the magazine in the PVG90, it’s easy for us to point it out and complain about what we think are little things, but it is VERY impressive what the devs have to do to add something new like that to the game.

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