DLC Weapons not showing up. Big mix up on my part!

First let me say a big sorry if this has been asked a 100 times already. :man_shrugging:

I purchased the season pass on Xbox a few weeks ago, and while I’ve gotten the dlc missions (I think?) and definitely the fnix outposts/research bases/generator sites that have shown up that weren’t there before, then I’m assuming it’s all installed correctly.

So I was like lvl 16 when I installed the DLC, and I read somewhere while researching this issue that if you’re past a certain lvl i guess and or a certain point in the map (?) that if the weapons were not in the loot box at the first church that you can then only come across the US and Russian weapons as drops from certain enemies.

OK, cool not a problem. Well… Idk what’s wrong, but I’m now lvl 31, and also working getting on my 8th exp. weapon (atm got 5 and 2 duplicates) and have gotten countless Exp. appearl, but I have yet to just see not 1dlc gun, clip/mag and or a different ammo type (like for the at-wad) as I play through the rest of the game. I seen and heard it doesn’t matter what difficulty you’re on as to affect loot drops, so I’m at a loss here. Any Help would be greatly appreciated. Thx

Youll want to check on Xbox store to make sure they are actually installed. The FNIX gens and stuff are always there in base game.

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Ok I looked in my game file and it says 2 add ons (installed) as before after buying the 2 dlc packs i had to manually install. But here’s a stupid question. As I look in the store I’m now seeing individual US/Russian weapons packs for $3 or whatever. I read before I bought the fnix rising and alpine unrest that the weapons I’m referring about were in those main dlc expansions… Plz tell me that is correct? lol :man_facepalming: Or do I have to individually purchase each of actual weapons packs? I swear I read and watched youtube channels that covered this and that the US pack was in the first main dlc and the other weapon pack was in the second dlc. I have access to the island and I have apocalypse class machines and everything, just no guns. Thanks for your reply either way. Appreciate it!

— 1. Ok I looked and apparently alpine unrest only has the Kvm 59/89. Got those…
Fnix rising I guess only has melee weapons. While I believe I’ve only come across 1 sledge hammer, I’ve gotten tons of bats up to 4 star.

I was under the impression the US/Russian weapons were in these 2 main dlc expansions. Smh My bad, apparently. :man_facepalming:

— 2. Just bought and installed the 2 weapons packs. So hopefully after making room in my loot/plunder box I’ll find some goodies. Or atleast I’ll start seeing them from them pesky enemies. :grin: Thanks again.

— 3. All is :ok_hand:t3:. There’s 6 tier 3 (blue) guns in plunder box. What a journey… :flushed: