DLCs FNIX Rising and Alpine - good before base game is finished?

After 35 hours in the game I bought all weapon packs for me and my friend. I did not buy the FNIX Rising and Alpine DLC, since I read it’s end game content.

But: since we have the weapon packs we suddenly find FNIX walled in farms, outposts and generators.
We went before up to the first base (and built it) and north up to the airfield. We decided now to go down south west and thats were all that FNIX stuff pops up and machines are hitting us HARD (gassing all the time, crazy fast runners and hunters and military (camouflage) and FNIX (red wires) tanks. So far we keep up well :slight_smile:

It’s just frustrating to have all these FNIX walled in places. fight the hell for it and then you cant do anything inside.

So should we already get the 2 DLCs? Because we beat the machines there already, just had to leave again because there was nothing to do there.

Machines will respawn there, areas dont remain clear permantly otherwise the playerbase would be non existent. I would say if you buy DLC now, wait til you finish the base game just so the barely mediocre story makes some sense.

What do you mean with that? The Alpine DLC is on its own island, but isn’t the FNIX Rising all over the known world? How can we wait for it, if we buy it now?

I mean wait to do the story of it as it continues after the base game obviously. I dont mean wait for something to appear.


Himfjall island dlc seems to work ok with the new update but the fnix rising dlc is broken and I wouldn’t recommend it until the update is fixed.

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Sadly too late. We accidently started the truck mission not knowing its already from FNIX rising. Now we cant get back into the game after arming the truck. I know we can uninstall the DLC, but we only play once a week, so hopefully they fix that until next Sunday.

If you have another character you can log into that world, or you can create a new character to play inm the world. you will have access to everything in your storage box and so on, and as long as you stay out of the south Coast you can play.

Ok “South coast” is a bit misleading. If you go anywhere near the route the truck will take the game will crash. So that’s a rough line between Mullvaradsberget Tunnels and the end of the Peninsula. Sadly this includes Minken Command Bunker.

Its a pain in the posterior, but what can you do?