Dlc's releases?


Just quick question for moderators and players, have the dev’s mention anything about new content i.e dlc’s as it has been 6 months since alpine unrest and DLC’s normally drop 6 months apart.

Any content hints?

Sweet jesus… Has it been 6 months already?



There currently is no announcement about a new DLC. But you never know what the devs are working on, so stay tuned!


No, they don’t.

There has been only one proper DLC, Alpine Unrest, that launched 9 months after GZ’s initial release. The other DLCs are clothing packs, which can be released in monthly basis if GZ artists/designers would only work for creating new clothing sets.

Also, devs won’t tell us anything in advance, e.g hyping up the upcoming content well in advance and when release date comes, there could be delays, leading in a lot of disappointment. Instead, devs like to pleasantly surprise us once the new content is ready and about to launch or just launched.


I’m reference most games and their dlc drops within other gaming companies and not specifically gz, sorry for not clear about that


You can not possibly compare Systemic Reaction and Generation Zero to e.g EA and Sims or Bethesda and Fallout. Also, many games never get any DLC after game’s initial launch while for others, it takes years before DLC is released.


Anybody figure any content hints for future content? Let this be a thread.


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