Do assault rifle suppressors actually exist?


I have played the game for 75 hours now and never found a single one. If they do exist where should I be looking for them?


Assault Rifle Silencers…yes. Head to Mudskudden, you’ll find one it the usual spot :wink:


The 5* ones can often drop from FNIX tanks.


Assault rifle silencers do exist but are semi-rare and not that easily found.

Proof too (click here to view)

Muskudden is one spot where to find it. Another ones are Hermelinen and Skvadern.

Or you can trade one with someone if you don’t want to spend time searching it.


It would appear you have a 5* Machine gun compensator.

Could you screen shot the stability improvement when attached to the Exp 59? I’m trying to weigh up if it’s actually worth the effort.

This screen?



Just wanted to compare to the 3* one I currently have.


Got one! Thanks for your help.

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