Do Enemies Respawn After A Quit To Menu & Continue?

As per title: do enemies stay dead after a save / quit followed by an immediate continue?

Side Note: This game is incredibly frustrating sometimes. Went around the map and unlocked all main story bunkers and am now trying to do the 14 main story missions those unlocked and now I’m just getting decimated by Hunter squads or roaming tanks EVERYWHERE. So. Many. Respawns.

The short answer is - YES.


Like, immediately?


Every time you quit to the Main Menu and Continue the game, game generates new seed of machines, alongside new population of patrol routes.

For example: Near Saltholmen Church, most of the times, there is 1x proto tank and 1x proto harv. In some of the seeds, you can have 2x proto harvs there.

So, when you are in a spot where there are loads of machines at certain area, chances are that when you reload your game, game doesn’t populate the same area with machines, giving you free pass.

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@Aesyle that’s what I’ve been trying to achieve. Kind of. I dunno. I’m definitely feeling some frustration with the game right now. I think I have to start being more tactical and place distractions to distract the Hunter packs so I can sneak into mission objectives. I got complacent only doing bunker missions.

On a positive note, I have every combat / Machine destruction trophy aside from 15 Tank kills, 15 Harvester Kills, and Marksman.

Reducing in-game difficulty level reduces considerably the machine detection range. So, when you can’t sneak past in Skirmish difficulty, you should be able to sneak past in Adventurer difficulty.


No, thanks. I hate playing any game on less than “Normal” difficulty. Believe me, I’ve thought of doing that maaaany times.

But thanks.

Do you think the current machine insanity will be toned down some in the August update?


You’re playing on console, yes? If so, yes, and quite a bit, making game a lot more playable without the near-realistic difficulty of machine accuracy/fire rate/ and detection range.


This is exactly what I’ve done in the past when I’ve come to a mission location and I just don’t want to fight the number or types of machines there, or when I just don’t have enough ammo at the time. Exit to main menu, get back in-game, voilá. Machines gone. It’s not something I’ve ever done often since I don’t like doing it, but sometimes I’ve just been too tired.


Yes, console, and thank you.

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It’s a cheesy tactic and i, personally, don’t do that. I could also lower the in-game difficulty from Guerilla to more easier one but then there isn’t any challenge anymore.

With ample answers given, i conclude this topic as answered and thus, lock it.