Do poeople actually make strategys?

im kinda pissed that people don’t use strategys like as explosive gas tanks and radio. people just use raw firepower with experimentals or special weapons. its like poeople use everything they find even bugs.

ive heard to much about duplicating items these xbox people are mental! they tried to ask me if i want duplicated items. hell nah im not doing that. the annoying duplication still works from my guess, because people still say it

  • we need tougher machines
  • we need tougher machines and better weapons
  • we need more weapons
  • fix the duplication bug

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I would have given two choices.
Bugfixing should be first priority.
But tougher enemies would be nice in many situations.

@Phoenix44 i have seen alot bugs can be fixed. the devs can just make backpack disapear if player left.

(example if i drop something and then i left as a client the stuff i dropped will disapear in 10 seconds)
boom the bug can be fixed. almost everything can be fixed.

I would vote that we need tougher machines, but I need to be more specific. I do not want machines who are just dumb bullet sponges. What we need are more intelligent machines!

What if machines were actually so smart and deadly that you were forced to think, strategize, move from cover to cover and stay cautious, even after you had obtained all the best weapons?

Personally I think experimental weapons and ammo takes away too much of the need to play smart. We should just have normal/realistic guns and ammo, and instead be encouraged to utilize the wide spectrum of traps and lures that are available to us in the world.

In the beginnig of GZ, when all you have are weak weapons, I think more people look for ways to set traps for machines. At least that’s what I did. Although when I was new to the game, which I’ve played from release in 2019, setting traps was a lot harder than it is now, with the old grid inventory, not being able to equip stacks of items, and not place them directly from the inventory. Now we even have the remote controlled explosive, which opens up a world of possibilities for setting and setting off traps.

So yeah, it would be great if we actually had a good reason to use traps, and not just burn through enemies with OP weapons and ammo, just because that’s easiest.


I really like your argumentation.

I always thought, that the non-experimental weapons don’t make much sense to have as soon as we have the experimentals, because they share the same ammo.

The usage of experimental weapons could be made more difficult. For example they could just be used with experimental ammo. You wouldn’t find tons of ammo for them and could be forced to switch to 1c-5c guns.

Back to topic:
Because of the above mentioned situation with the experimentals and the ammo I in general don’t take much care about strategies. Of course, I often chose my targets or their components with some kind of strategy or wait for a good moment or look for a good place to approach them from. I also use cars, gas tanks or power boxes if it makes sense.

But real strategies I in general just use if I play in coop with a friend. It just makes ways more fun to coordinate the attacks and to place traps if we fight together.

But maybe my suggested idea (above) could help to make it more important or more rewarding to use strategies because you would have to watch your ammo with more care.

From the very start of the game, ALL military bases were over run and destroyed. I am but a teenager with no military training in weapons or anything else to defend myself against even the first runners of the game. All the weapons I find are old, rusty and useless for the most part on the machines. But I was finding gas cans, air tanks and batteries. And a few mines here and there. I figured out it only takes a round or two of my crappy weapons to blow up cars and fuel tanks. So, I am thinking this game is NOT just another shooting game. There were no DLC weapon packs that GAVE me weapons and a small amount of ammo. My weapons are crap but I have the tools to make traps that are more powerful than my weapons. From the very start of the game, most players that played it solo had to figure out ways to destroy machines with what they had. Weapons were to weak and ammo to scarce to use in those weak weapons anyway. But then…

Before the Dev team made it so hard to blow up cars and fuel tanks with one shot, I used them a lot to blow up machines. But it takes just as much ammo to blow cars up as the machine, or it walks out of range of the blast before the car blows up. So, I started using grenades to blow up cars…Then the timer was extended so long that the machine has a ton of time to clear the area. I would use mines for corners of the builds and outside of doorways, but the mines fade away if you get to far away from them like going to the upper floor of the house you are in.

Trip wires from the shock ammo is a nice trap that is easy to deploy without changing weapons and so is the use of the 9MM SMG explosive rounds. The 9MM explosive rounds are great to use with fuel tanks and cars as a motion detector trap. But are only useful in solo play because players will run past them.

Most players that use strategies to destroy machines still do it just in different ways and most of them are used in solo play.

The use of strategies are forced out of the game by players that just want everything to come to them at a base like other games they play. Then the Dev team started listens to a few players that wanted it easier to find ammo, easier to destroy the machines. Want the machines to NOT detect their bumbling ass stomping through the frozen ground and high grass. Then the few player base didn’t even want to have to hunt for machines, but have the machines come to them. So then we got base building and defense of those bases. Now you just build your base, flip a switch and out comes the machines from known directions in known amounts and you have dumb machines just running at you for you to shoot.

And for those players that HAD to develop strategies and learn how to destroy machines, they are pushed aside for lazier ways of play. Even the base building requires no thought. Build a box with gun boxes pointed outward and stand in a tower in the middle and shoot the waves as they approach. Then collect the loot when finished.


I agree, even with a exp pvg it takes quite long.
BUT I always use my exp 12G shotgun with birdshot ammo for blowing up cars. You just need 1 or 2 shots.

I try to strategize too but sometimes the machines will goof up and walk in a different way or just flank me from the bushes. I often end up just moving the trap to the enemy because they keep walking away or shooting the tanks I spent the time to put down. also when they use explosives, like half the late game enemies do. my traps just end up hurting me.
I try to use radios but usually get shot before I can escape…
I dream of the day I can put a timer on my radio. so I have time to run away or reposition.

Have to learn from what didn’t work and figure a way to make it more “machine proof”. Natural explosives in the game like cars and large storage tanks make great ways to damage machines. And it’s hard for the machines to kick them out of the way. Remember, radios and boomboxes attract the machines attention whereas flares and fireworks distract them.

Try sprinting till almost the sound comes on a radio, then crawl. Radios only work if the machines never see you. Try finding a good place to hide before tossing a radio and then just stand, throw, go prone. Barns and houses are great places to lure machines to. Toss the radio outside near a car and run, then go prone before the sound, make your way to the upper floors to then toss a grenade near a car or near a few gas cans. Placing a radio on top of a car that is between a few other things that go boom. Get them in the area and then set off a chain reaction of cars blowing up all around them. You can also shoot a radio to give it more distance.

If you come across a sleeping tank. Sneek up behind them and drop a half doz gas cans or so. Toss a grenade as you run away, you may like the results.

Mines are also ready made traps. Drop one outside a doorway and leave it open,. Won’t be long you will hear it go off. Barns have multi-doors that all but one needs to be closed. Once a mine goes off, you can set another one at one of the other doors or a few more times at the open door. The key is machines like to look in open doors if they know you are in there. Closing all the other doors keeps them looking in just one.


I’ve never actually realized that the cars exploded. I tried using explosives on a truck once but it didn’t go off.

Oh, and thank you for the tips I will try to use them well. Also do firework boxes work like radios or flares?

Trucks don’t blow up.
Just cars and tractors.

Fireworks and firework boxes stop the machines sensors working. They get distracted.

Flares, sticky flares, radios, boom boxes and seeker-sound-modules, or the new toy lure, attract the machines. They will go there.

In case of flares they even start shooting at them. If you use a sticky flare and stick it at a tank or harvester for example, all machines start attacking it as long as it burns.

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The problem right now is that I think explosives are too weak to bother. I use flares, fireworks etc. but don’t bother hauling around explosives. But if they were given a significant damage boost, it might be worth the hassle.

This isn’t platform specific, Xbox PS PC , I don’t get singling out one :fire:

When I think back to around the launch of the game or just after, I had the most fun using traps, cover , cars , gas , all using regular weapons. I try to use as many regular weapons as possible now to regain some of that tension and challenge, I would love to see more testing machines with a much higher level of AI, if your forced to rethink its not an option to be lazy.
Gen Z fantasy consists of the new island with a form of FNIX jammer where exp weapons do not work, faster smarter machines and less resources, who knows if it will happen as to be honest I’m starting to feel the need for a new adventure !

When the game first launched, this used to be really effective. It would easily take out groups of smaller machines, regardless of their class, and do significant damage to the larger ones, making them much easier to finish off. In some cases, if you had several gas cannisters down, it could even take out large machines like tanks or at least severely damage them.

Then the explosive damage was nerfed significantly with one of the early updates. Now explosions just piss the machines off and do minimal damage and take more time to set up and trigger than it’s worth. It’s nowhere near as effective as it used to be, particularly on anything bigger and tougher than prototype hunters. In most cases, it’s just quicker and more effective to openly engage with guns blazing than to set up elaborate traps that don’t really do a whole lot of damage.

I still sneak around and use strategy, traps and such when playing solo. I tend to pick my fights more carefully. But when playing co-op with friends, it tends to just be more effective to go all Rambo and open a can of whoop-ass on stuff. Explosives like mines, gas cylinders cars, gas station explosions, etc are just too weak to do any real damage. They could really use a bit of a boost, methinks. That would make setting traps more viable again.