Do relay beacons increase enemies in a fight?

I have encountered this twice now. I fight a harvester and its 4 doggos and during the fight, in total 8 hunters, 12 runners, once even a tank came running to the fight where before it was totally quiet in the area. In both cases after the fight I noticed that a relay beacon was near.

On the other hand, it was one of these long gaming sessions where at the end the game is completely broken. In the beginning everything is fine and after 5h every battle leaves ghost Seekers around. You are in a fight hearing seekers and think OMG, I need to take these out before everything goes to sh*t here. But you can’t find them, only hear the sounds (you can stand right where the 3d sound source is located). After one of these fight, every runner body made seeker sounds!!

These two occasions leave a very weird feeling of something being broken, buggy. Do we have a memory leak that should be called a sound leak?!