Do we know how the skill tree has changed?

Iirc correctly, I remember a member of the dev team teasing in a stream that the dlc will change the skill tree.
Did this change actually happen ?

No change. Skill tree is still the same as always.

As far as the “change” goes,

Fixed an issue where the Skill “Stamina Amount” was incorrectly reducing your stamina regeneration rate.

Also, it may be just me but i feel that the total stamina amount got reduced. I don’t get to sprint as long as i used to pre-June '20 update.

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No more sprint jumping :disappointed_relieved: but i guess it was never intended to stay

I agree, or it’s either that or the stamina bar doesn’t start recharging as quickly as it used to after you stop sprinting or it recharges more slowly. There’s something different for sure, I used to be able to alternate sprinting and walking and keep my stamina bar recharged, no more. It kind of sucks when I have the stamina skill points fully invested.

The stamina bar does indeed not recharge immediately, it has a 2-second cooldown before it starts recovering.

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Actually, that too is the case.

Back then, when you were out of stamina and kept walking, your stamina did recharge slowly. But when you stopped completely, stamina recharged about twice as fast.
Now, when you stop, there is a bit faster stamina recharge but not as fast as it once was. And i’m not talking about 2 second cooldown period. Even without that, stamina doesn’t recharge at the same pace it used to when you stand completely still.

Why don’t you guys start a new character and make sure they have increased stamina recharge? I have done this also because i did not make good decisions with my old guy

I can’t.

Reason why: What is your skill build?