Do you need to pick up all mission items (documents, etc.) to be able to finish the game?

I have trouble finding all documents/tape recordings, etc. in Lilla settlement (I have 6 out of 8 items and the mission objectives says 1/2).

Is it really neccesary to pick up all of those items in every single mission? Will I get stuck in the gane eventually if I miss even one document or tape recording in one mission?

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Not all mission items need to be found to finish the mission, some are adding lore. But there also are mission items you need to get before you get your next mission objective.

So if you can finish the mission and missed a few items then that’s no problem. You’d be only missing some storytelling. You might even go back after the mission is done and still find the missing items, but I’m not sure. I myself got all items in the first run.

What mission are you referring to?

Thanks Gysbert!

Well, the problem is I haven’t finished the Lilla mission yet (it happened once or twice before in other missons and I had to use a walkthrough video to see what I had missed). So if I’m correct I will (eventually) get stuck if I can’t find the last two items in Lilla… For me personally it’s quite easy to overlook “that one” tape recording or “that one” document lying somewhere in one of many houses in a settlement. Could be a real problem if I can’t progress further.

On a sidenote: you’re the one who created those great maps BTW. I recently downloaded them. very nice. Thanks for that!

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Without knowing the mission you are referring to, I can say if that mission is a prerequisite to start other missions. Some do, but most missions don’t. Is it “Flying Objects”?

You are welcome.
Be sure to like that topic then… :rofl:

I just liked your maps topic :wink:
I mentioned “Lilla” but I should have clarified it with its title: it’s indeed the Flying objects mission.

I can’t help you with finding the missing objects, because I never started logging when I started with GZ. Best bet is to look-up a walkthrough, like you said.
Have you picked up the key yet? I read that many people had trouble getting that lately, because of a glitch. And you need that item to finish the mission.

What items are you missing?

Spoiler - 8 mission items
  • Radio interview with a witness (Mission item) (audio)
  • Phone book excerpt (Mission item) (Phone book)
  • Message from the police to Fredrik Blom (Mission item) (audio)
  • Newspaper headline on mysterious murders (Mission item) (newspaper)
  • Ingrid Granqvist’s message to her husband Bert (Mission item) (audio)
  • Dr. Ingrid Granqvist’s recent research notes (Mission item) (notes)
  • Map of the Östervik suburbs (Mission item) (Map)
  • Key to Ingrid Granqvist’s house (Mission item) (key)

I have a key (to Ingrid Granqvist’s house) but the mission items you mention don’t correspond with this mission so I’m a bit confused now… (or maybe you are? :rofl: ).

I don’t know what I’m missing; I only know it’s items #2 and #7 (in the row).

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I got the wrong mission, Flying Blind instead of Flying objects. Fixed it

2 Phone book excerpt
7 Map of the Östervik suburbs (at the crossing of the roads Lillagatan and Balladgatan there is a billboard. Check that for a map.
On that crossing there is a phone too.

Maybe this helps, too:

Flying Objects | Generation Zero Wiki | Fandom.

Thanks guys. Initially I thought I had to search the whole settlement again (to find her house) but then it occured to me: I’m using a HUD mod with no compass! So I disabled the mod and then I saw this “search” icon (magnifying glass). I used it and I quickly found a tape recording that I previously had missed. Mission complete.

Now I know why the game was so difficult to begin with, with regards to finding all mission related items…

Be aware of using mods. There is no official mod support so it could happen that you crash your game or savegames completely.

Thanks but I have a good understanding of modding in general so that’s not the problem (I also make incremental backups of my savegames just in case).

The problem was however that I underestimated the usefulness of the info in the compass and POI icons. That was kind of stupid (although I feel less stupid now with regards to not being able to find all items :slight_smile: )

Thanks for the help! I’ve learned something again today :smiley:


But again. It’s not just that the game has no mod support, but you won’t get support for problems you have as long as you use mods because noone knows what effects these maybe have on the game.

For now you were lucky that you could solve your problem by yourself just by deactivating the mod.

You’re right. You certainly have a point there. Thanks.

:sunglasses: Haha, I have both Ingrid and Fredriks house marked on the MAP3 as well.

You said you were missing items 2 and 7 phonebook and surburb-map, did you find them on the spots that I thought they were?

I wasn’t aware you also made markings of those but indeed.
Great stuff man! You must be a Frysian :rofl:
Kon haar huis niet vinden maar ik weet wel waar jij woont, whoehaha!

Anyway: I haven’t looked any further for the remaining two missing items. The mission is complete and this was the third time I went into that settlement; the moment I found the last neccesary item I was out of there. I’ve already spent enough time in Lilla :grinning:.

Again: thanks for your help. Next time I will have the POI markers visible (if needed); the search icon will show up at a distance of about 15 meters or so (if neccesary I can always temporarily disable the HUD mod as well to show the compass).

With that and your maps I don’t think I will ever get stuck again!

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i’ve managed to finish all main missions but having troubles finding the rest of the side missions.

Look at your map.
At almost every location there is a small box in the upper right corner which shows how many collectibles, weapons, blueprints or missions there are. Look for the locations where not all missions are completed, go there and move around. You should see a blue marker in your compass if you get close to the mission start.

i know i have not unlocked everything on the map and theres no interactive map for Generation Zero.