Do you play alone or with friends?

i want to kow if you do play wif frend ore not cuz i dont kow if i want to play wif them dose it change the game play?

sory for bad English am from sweden so yeh…


I play mostly solo. It changes the gameplay in my opinion plus depending on if you are hosting or not it effects the missions. For me it has also created many bugs on Xbox. I do like playing with friends but have learned the hard way that on console at least many want to try & play this as a pure shooter & that is NOT my goal with the game. I hope this is of some help & do not worry about your English it is better than many native speakers of it I have read here…Take care & have fun!

I played solo through all missions, and after that 90% of the time i spend in multiplayer (rest - solo looting :wink: ).

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I am on PC and looking for people to co-op with. I am very much a cautious sneak-and-snipe type of player and I appreciate some people like to run-and-gun so I accept that gameplay would be very different - would still like to give it a go however. I am in the UK on GMT+1 if anyone is interested.

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I always play with machines…
They suck, I mean, they are too passive, too unassertive, bad aim, the armour is good, but there it ends: they’re all but threat), which basically ‘destroys’ the fun for me, but well, they do their best in their way…

Solo for Inventory stock up

Multiplayer for weapons and gameplay.

Always solo. I am an introvert, so I play games to get away from people. :smiley:

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A little bit of both. Solo can be the most immersive, and it’s great sneaking through Östertörn avoiding patrols and doing hit-and-run strikes on Machines. Hoping you get lucky with weapon drops, or equipment in bunkers. But it’s great fun getting these huge battles going with friends in co-op. Assaulting the airbase, or taking on big packs of Hunters in the Mountains Region.

The kind of battles where Machines just keep coming, those are the best. Few games can pull off such delightful chaos like Generation Zero can :smiling_imp:

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I always play co-op with a friend as it’s our game to play together. I’ve never really played it solo to be honest as my solo time is spent playing other games.

We very rarely go gung-ho, choosing instead to assess each situation individually before proceeding. It really adds to the fun and excitement, especially when you execute your tactics really well.

Last night had to be one of the most adrenaline inducing playthroughs ever! After finishing a mission, we were spotted by Hunters which resulted in a 20 minute chase through the forest. There were 5-6 of them and looking back to think you’ve evaded them only to see their red lights appear in the trees was terrifying.

Mainly multiplayer now, with my brother and my wife.

Still kinda want to go through it solo, but have 50,000 other games to play so don’t know if i’ll ever get time. :frowning:

I used to play with a buddy, but he lost interest in generation zero after the june update.

So at the moment I play solo.

I always play solo. Have no interest in multiplayer anymore as i want to progress at my own pace.

And i really want to feel intimidated and scared of the machines… Looking at twitch streams with coop play the game just looks like a run and gun with zero fun imo.


There it is, the tagline for the next Call of Duty.

But yeah, I always play solo. I hate how almost all new games are online multiplayer nowadays (though sometimes you get a tacked-on single player “mode” that feels more like a tutorial than a game), to the point I actually run Steam in offline mode to avoid the bug where people can join you even though you’re set to invite only. I play games to recharge after interacting with people all day, the last thing I want is the exact thing I’m trying to escape from in my escapism. I am so thankful that GZ has a proper offline mode.


My thoughts exactly!