Do you prefer the current inventory or the old grid based inventory?

I am curious to know what people prefer, the old grid inventory or the current one.

I would like to here your reasons for why you like or dislike each invetory systekm.

I myself liked the grid inventory. It allowed me to see everything in my inventory at once, made equipping weapons and attachments easier. I also think that organizing the invetnory was fun myself. Though I could see why someone dislike have to move stuff around.

In my eyes the proes of the newer one is filtered tabs.
You are also now able to hold about twice as much than you could before. This is only a pro to the newer one in my eyes because they chose the cap. If we wanted have the grid to have more space we could increase the stack amounts. This would not affect weapons making weapon choice slightly more important.

Which Inventory System Do You Prefer?
  • Older grid inventory
  • Newer weight based inventory.

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While I like organizing things myself and like the look of the grid system, I prefer the newer capacity where one 7.62 bullet won’t cost a whole slot. The perfect system in my mind would be a grid system that uses weight and can hold an endless amount items per square, and with enough slots for every single item in game of course. So this system would be easier to organize but you won’t run out of space even if you can’t run because of weight.


That is true, a single item would take up as much as 240 in the old system (if 7.62).

With the weight system a bullet only weighs as much as a bullet.


I’ve already said this to you in the GZ discord, but since you asked I’ll repeat it.

If there cant be something in between, then it’s the older grid system. Now if I can play around a little, I personally would want the UI of the grid but still have the weight-based system. Non-consumable items will keep their grid size just like before but adjust to work with the weight system. This means that consumable items i.e ammo and meds will have stacks that change in size. The more a stack weighs, the more it takes up in the gird view. So the grid becomes more like a box with procentage sizes.

At least in theory I think it could work as we then get best of worlds. Having items actually weigh something gives better immersion but the current inventory UI is honestly awful to navigate. Since it’s mainly scrolling and lists, It just feels clunky. The only problem I had with the old grid was sorting items in general, even though I’m not the biggest fan of endless inventory (despite that you cant walk after a set weight) because it makes the plundra somewhat useless and only good for transfer between characters. I like that you can just pick up everything you want and then check what you need and don’t. If you understand what I mean.


I prefer the current inventory, mostly because it fits the reality much better to me, because it has no easy sorting. When we carry ammo and other resources in a backpack for real, it never would magically sort itself. And it would take time get something out that is on the bottom of your backpack.
You drop stuff in on top of the last items you put in. I always I check my backpack, in a safe and quiet spot. But that is not to say I’m against some QoL if the devs decide to implement sorting.


You should have put in a third option. Because I don’t think one is better than the other. So therefore I can’t vote. The best would be a grid based on weight in my opinion.


I voted for the system in use now but would like to see some changes to it. I was not around when it was a grid system so have no reference to it but other games that use grids faster to use once you learn where everything is.

If the system used now would just keep in the order you put them, I have no problem with it. I would like to organize it before playing and it just stay that way.

I read a lot about how players want to trade out weapons during the heat of battle and such but it is to complex to do. My opinion is they did not plan their attack/defense well to start with if they need to do it in the middle of combat. If I decide I need to put a different weapon in a slot I find a place to hide that will give me the time to do so, because the battlefield does change or I want different effects from my weapons.

Another reason I would like to be the one that sorts it because it would be the way I want it. When you carry a small assortment of ammo types than you can organize the ammo the way you like. It would be nice if it would stay that way when adding more ammo.

For me I don’t carry a lot of weapons, so ammo types are limited. I don’t store any extra weapons in my locker but just long enough to recycle them. Which again, that is not something I try to do in the middle of combat so I am never in a rush. But I also use a different character for tasks like inventory/recycle and ammo crafting. That character only takes weapons from the locker to the recycle center and then to crafting station. Takes all crafted resources then and puts them in the locker for my game character to use.

Keep in mind that the game has been changed to what it is now because players asked for the changes.


I definitely see the advantages of the grid system, it was quick to swap stuff out and easy to manage. But I also think it’s better for a game with simpler inventory like for example Subnautica, a game without ammunition and attachments. Also, by now, there is so much that has been added that I think a grid wouldn’t do it justice.
Increasing the grid size could be an idea, but then doesnt it kinda counter the whole idea of simplicity?

Especially with the weapon wheel being added, where people might want to carry 4 different weapons instead of just 2, I think the new inventory system is ultimately better.

Of course, we need some sorting functionalities, but I think thats not a discussion.


I think we can all agree that the new system needs some better sorting functionality.

Thanks for voting everyone. I was just curious on what general ocnsesnus was and why people liked certain systems.


For me the favourite is definitely the weight-based system. Although the weights are bollocks and more an artificial value, I think when the sorting feature and the weapon wheel arrives this will be way easier to handle. If the weapon wheel really is object-agnostic I would probably fill half of the slots with weapons. During battle I won’t have to find a spot to hide to rummage through my backpack to find the required weapon.

The only thing I’d love to change are the weight definitions. Most of the weapons are way too light while hairpins are made from pure Swedish iron ingots.


I prefer the new one. Super easy and quick to use when you learn the hotkeys. It only lacks a proper sorting system within each category. That’s really not much of an issue, though.
(I’m on PC, btw.)

I suspect a lot of people may have forgotten how clunky the old grid was. You constantly had to drop things on the ground in order to re-organize your stacks, or to pick up something new you didn’t have room for. At least I was constantly annoyed by this, back in the “good old days”.


…I also remember very well that almost everyone were crying for a revamped inventory, already as early as mid 2019.

Nobody praised the old grid inventory back when that’s what we had. :wink:


I’ll agree that is true to an extent. I did like the old grid inventory even before we knew there would be a new one though. Anyway, I think it can be described as the new inventory created a problem the old didn’t have, while solving a different problem. Before it was like you said

because yes, that is very much true. And the new inventory did fix that but at the same time it has become harder to navigate. At least in my opinion it feels jankier to use and sometimes a little confusing. Though I think part of the problem could be solved if we could change the inventory hot key.

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Tiles. Please add it as a future to toggle in the menu.

I feel the reason this issue is such a toughie is that the current system is a little… disorganized. incomplete, maybe? in a weight-based system with a list-based layout, why can we not sort the items on that list… by weight? or, given stacks have effectively infinite size, by stack size?
The advantage of the grid-based system was unlimited weight, with limited space, putting organization in the hands of the player. The advantage of a list-based system would/should be unlimited space, with limited weight, leaving organization to the list itself. the trouble is, the list has little to no organization whatsoever, and no means of manually managing it, leaving players with twice as many hurdles when managing their gear as they had before.

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I look at the current inventory as a stack of pieces, 4 stacks of pieces. Very few pieces in a stack, easy to see what you have. But my stack of attachments could be close to 100 pieces at times. (I still collect them all if they or level 5). Very hard to know how much or even what I have. And if I move one thing after finding it, everything else shuffles so I then start a new search for the next thing, even if it was stacked next to the last thing.

It would be nice that they would self-sort by what they are. All scopes, all mag, all barrels, and all optics together. Then the same with ammo, and other supplies.

If you find a new weapon and you want to add a scope, scroll to your scopes. Easy to find it, then go to mags, barrels, and optics.

But not everyone would want to have their inventory in that order or style. So, I recommend the ability to sort our own inventory and then it doesn’t move around.

As we loot new stuff, it goes to the bottom of our stacks. pull something out of the inventory the stack collapses to fill the void.

You can do this now if your stacks are small and move stuff from player to locker or locker to player. But large stacks like ammo or attachments and when you drag and click everything shuffles. Fix that please!

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Hello. I play on Ps4, it’s very inconvenient and long to scroll through the entire list to find the right item, it’s much faster on the mouse. I think most people vote for inventory with weight, probably because there are more players on the PC.

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