Does a Player Still have to complete "Good News"?

So I have been adding an article to the generation zero wiki about control points and I wrote that they wouldn’t be available until the mission “Good News” had been completed. But it occurs to me that this could be incorrect and possibly be bypassed if 2 fnix bases spawn in the forest region naturally and a player destroys them, accumulating enough Command Tokens to claim a base anyway. Can someone provide me some light on this? Because the mission obviously got tweaked a bit due to the homebase becoming a control point. Do players have to complete “Good Night” to unlock the control point system? Or is it now just a good introductory mission? Thanks in advance :grinning:


What a very interesting point, be interested to see how this one pans out.

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I will test this out later today, provided GZ doesnt have a stroke on my PC and provided that the FNIX bases do spawn.

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I too would like to see if Good News is a prerequisite.

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Another question regarding the two new missions that you might want to address in the wiki…

“Good news” and “Our new home” were 2 side missions that were part of the Resistance update. I numbered them Resistance 1 & 2, but these next two news missions “Foreign Machines” and “One last Excursion” are they to be numbered 49 & 50 of the main side-missions (last main side-mission was 48 Heavy loadout) or are they 3 & 4 continuing the resistance side-missions? What do you think?


I’m new to the game, I’m at level 14. The Good News Reach the Finx Base side mission is available to me now. Should I attempt to complete it now or wait until I have completed all of the main missions and leveled up to 25?

Chronologically, it’s the third-last mission.

If you care about story, finish Behind the Curtain (final story mission), then do Alpine Unrest (missions with a polar bear symbol), FNIX Rising (missions with a triangular Resistance symbol), Good News, and then the two new side missions in the Marshlands (one’s called ‘Foreign Machines’ or something). In that order.

Mind you, Alpine Unrest and FNIX Rising are DLCs, so you might not have those missions available.

If you don’t care about the storyline, then do it whenever you want. You don’t need to be level 25 to do Good News. If you want to get Experimental weapons from Rivals you have to be level 25 or higher, otherwise your level doesn’t matter.

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Its completely up to you, it doesnt really affect any story progression and waiting til Level 25 wont do anything for the mission since it unlocks base building no matter what.

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Thanks for the tip about Rivals. I won’t attempt to take them down until I get to level 25.

I would number them 3 and 4, because in my eyes this is a new mission line from FNIX Rising onwards and thus should be part of resistance side missions and not the main game missions which occur in November/December

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That what I did, Denny. But it is nice to hear what others think. :coffee:

Been a while but found the time to finally test this out on a fresh save. You will need to do Good News still to unlock base building, spent the last 3ish hours and spawned 3 rivals but zero base assaults.

It also appears that the mission also spawns the Base Assault at Tylodven so i want to assume you also need to do an additional base assault to get your base assault but ill try at a later stage when i have much better gear. The base assault there also cannot be levelled up either, its been level 1 for the past 2000 region score ive earned.

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Final update on the situation for this. The game appears to do an introduction tutorial upon doing Good News and rewards you with 20 command points to take over any control point of your choice.

Edit: something i forgot to mention about other control points, they all disappear of the map except the Tyldoven one possibly to allow players to use the original one when they get to the mission.


I started a “new game+” play through, to re-experience the early game play.

So far no base’s has spawned on the control points I discovered, probably because I have left the “good news” alone.

But what what would happen if I claimed one for myself? Would that open the can of worms of control points spawning? Anyone knows?

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They will, i tested it as seen in the previous posts. I highly doubt this ever changed.

Good news for those who don’t want bases in their world. Just don’t do this mission.

I would love if they would add those dependencies to some of the revamps and the soviet presence, too. Like you complete a mission and after that there is an explosion or something else, you see a small cutscene of incoming soviet hovercrafts and hear some radio talk of soviet soldiers that are coming to help…

Time shift for some hours or days

You hear again soviet soldiers. They are aroused, nervous, frightened… You hear shots, the sound of a wolf and some lynx, screams…

You awake somewhere in a safehouse. Now the soviet machines are there.

Same with the firebirds. Just let us see them during and after the new missions. Not before we even do them.

There could be more, but as I don’t know how the southcoast looked before fnix rising, I have no idea how they could introduce all the fnix structures there and in the other regions.