Does anybody know what FINX stands for?

I’ve been wondering for a while, what does FINX stand for?

Stylized Phoenix?


FNIX stands for:“FOA’s Unix-system”.

Source: mission “Behind the Curtain”, 2nd mission item (Veronika’s floppy disk).

Also, it’s spelled FNIX, not FINX.


Which makes sense, since 'NIX is a common abbreviation of “Unix-like OS”, thus: FOA’s 'NIX. :+1::sunglasses:

From Veronika’s floppy,
Finally got my OS up on the Gray. Guess I should thank the guys at 56 for helping to convince Holberg that my system was the better option over the old DNIX, just pissed that it had to take a computer engineer with a dick to convince the big dick himself. I told them FNIX stands for “FOA’s UNIX-system”. Maybe I should tell them what the ‘F’ really stands for. Dicks.
So it’s not clear what the F is for. It might just be a successor to ENIX.

UNIX came from Multics, the old Multiplexed Information and Computing Service, as a pun on the idea that it wasn’t built for multitasking (hence UNI). From there -NIX has become a thing. I guess you could go with “FOA’s Information and Computing Service” which is at least as exciting as bureaucracy usually is.


I’d argue that, from Veronika’s quote, FNIX stands for ‘Female UNIX’, 'cause, you know, coded by a chick in a misogynist environment.

tbh i never really thought of that

Like one where we’re called ‘chicks’?


:clap::clap: Touché !!

Careful, this kind of self-referential humor might be to complicate for the audience.

i in confusion. :joy:

Your idea is good but flawed. The source (original) language in GZ is Swedish, not English. And in Swedish, “woman” / “female” is “kvinna”. What ever the “F” in FNIX stands for, must be Swedish word, starting with “F”.

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I think it might be Fri as in free or independent.


Veronika was excited about testing it with neural data which seemed outside the AE program. I also think the military would not be chuffed to know their new robot program might involve an autonomous overseer, and Veronika would not like to have their concern.

Sorry to disappoint you guys, but FOA is an actual swedish department of defense. The ‘F’ stands for Försvaret. Interestingly, swedish military developed it’s own OS during the 1980’s, called DNIX. So FNIX is likely a reference to that.

That FNIX also sounds like Phoenix. Rising from the ashes, born anew.

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I think so to. Born again

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Sure, but Veronika didn’t sound very compelling about “FOA’s UNIX”, so I’m not persuaded FNIX really is Försvaret-NIX. I think she had other things in mind.

I’m just free basing now but “Försvarets Neurologiska Institut X”

This. Entirely this. If FNIX was meant to refer to the organization, Veronika wouldn’t have described it as such in a private note.

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