Does clothing stats work or not?

Have the developers even addressed this since the problem appeared?
And if they have, can someone show me?

We all know that on pick-up a clothing item is shown to have 40-50% boost/protection value in it’s given category, but in the inventory the value bar is approximately empty.

I’ve argued before that clothing stats hinders you in choosing your own style, because if it actually works it’s too important to not utilize… But, I hope some of you can answer this:

Does it have any noticeable effect at all? Has anyone been able to test this somehow?
Does it actually provide the amount of protection as shown on pick-up, and the inventory bar is bugged and shows a false value?
Can I safely ignore the whole thing and just dress the way I like? :thinking:


In my opinion it works.

I have 3 pieces of clothing that have bullet protection and I die much less often compared to having no protection.


I don’t know if any of it actually works but it doesn’t look like they would offer enough of a bonus to care about anyway

@kakarron I agree, but as I said, it would be nice to know if that was just a false value. Like a cosmetic or visual bug of some sort, and it actually provides more protection, like shown on pick-up?

it’s another one of those questions that always gets missed during streams

I would like to know as well. I use noise reduction and visibility cloths and I am frequently ignored by the machines, even at a very close range, it happens to me to face a runner at a corridor angle without being recognized for a long moment. However as I have two level skills in noise and visibility I do not know the impact of the cloths. We need some testing but I have other goals to follow presently.

A suggestion : Maybe a moderator could ask this question to the devs?


@kakarron I see. If they’re embarrassed by it, they should be. If they don’t prioritize fixing it, they could at least acknowledge it after 3 months… Many players would want to know this!

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to be clear I said “missed” not “ignored”

they are trying to answer questions from 3 or 4 places at once
it’s one of the reasons I agree with this suggestion Proposal of improving the live streams

@kakarron I haven’t seen the live streams, so I wasn’t aware of that. Sounds like it needs an improvement then.
I do however assume they are watching this forum, and that they are aware of most reoccurring issues that people have. Live stream or not, it should be addressed. Like a monthly letter to the players of problems they acknowledge, and aim to improve in the future. :slight_smile:

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if they do work they should also clarify the amount of resistance they give.
amount shown on pickup vs in inventory appears inconsistent