Does mechanic skill help with gun drops?

Does mechanic skill help with gun drops or only vision mods? I feel I got all the visual mods I will want so I might use that point for something else.

I guess it’s just about vision modules.
But I’m not sure. Seems like very useless in that case.
Like the lockpicking skill.

Ya your right. I like the lockpick skill though because it gets me into areas that usually have one of those gun crates so it gives me a good chance to get a new gun. Im still running around with 3* guns because I don’t have anything better

You should do the missions or at least kill some harvesters. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: (as almost every harvester has a 4c AG4 in its loot).

If you already picked every lock, you don’t need this skill anymore. It becomes useless, but is a necessary one to get the salvage skill or the explosives expert skill…or the mechanic.

Actually sometimes some places get locked again, this was an “issue” that happened since 2019 after some updates, i dont know if it still happens.
Honestly the lockpicking skill should be deleted and everyone should have it from level 1 or from a certain Level.

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I actually have this problem. Some places I have marked that have those gun long boxes so I can see if i get something cool and some of then i have to use a pick to get back into.

Oooh I like that idea! I wonder if the dev’s will read and work on that? I sure would like that! As long as you have the lockpicks, you should be good to go. I feel its a waste of a point honestly.

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Let me expand/improve your Idea. :wink:

  1. Remove the lockpicking skill
  2. Add a chance for success for lockpicking. If you fail, the pick breakes. (You’ll need more picks, but you’re silent)
  3. Add a new free melee weapon: the crowbar.
  4. The crowbar has the ability to be used to open locked doors. It takes a few seconds and always is succesful, but it’s noisy and attracts machines.
  5. Either an other more useful skill gets the additional bonus of a higher chance for success of lockpicking or the chance rises for 1% for each character level.

I really like that idea too! The crowbar vs the pick! Awesome!

Never understood why I’m holding a gun but I have to pick the lock. I have explosives but I’m stopping cause it’s locked… anybody got the keys or know how to lockpick???
Not picking the lock should be just that a “stealth” penalty. Sure the pick is silent but the RPG is instant…