Does not save progress

Hi Im playing gen Z on xbox / s series.
Since a day or so the autosave does not work at all.
The daily quests what are boring as F. Is the only thing It saves. Base building,Reaper etc does not save anymore

The fmtel-missions?
Their completion status should be saved at your avalanche apex connect account data.

Everything else should be saved in your safegame file.
To where does it save on Xbox? Local memory (internal or external?) or cloud?

Do you play just on one device or on multiple? (Some had issues playing on Xbox and PC over gamepass).
Do you always really quit the game before you shut down your console?

The fmtel is the only thing it saves
Basebuilding looting etc does not save
Its saves internal and yes I play on one device xbox s. Sometimes I use quick start and sometime I close the game completely

Quick start doesn’t work well with GZ and may cause many issues, no matter if you play on PC, Xbox or playstation.

That didnt help
If I close the game completey it still doesnt save
I tried reinstalling the game…no results

I have a bit of weird one that happened twice already, I’m on PS4, I will exit game back to main menu, then close the game down, back-up my save on one of my USB drives, the other USB drive was yesterday back-up thankfully, because I get back on the game a few hours later and the game save is empty, :dizzy_face: , I exit try again, empty, alright so I go to my back-up save I made early her that day, empty :cold_sweat: , it’s like the save file auto- formatted itself upon exit or something, so I went to my yesterday’s back-up save file, and lost 1 of the new weapon skins that the radio mission gives

back-up 2 usb drives is important in this game

Platform: Xbox seres X

Description: Every time i login im reset to the last time i played before the weapon augmenting update and nothing i do is saved. I have done a complete reinstall and I have deleted my local save deta and reimported the deta from Microsoft’s servers and the issue still persists.

Steps To Reproduce: unknown (i have been told by many that this is a Unique issue)

Images / Videos: na (unfortunately)

Host or Client: host

Players in your game: solo play

Platform: PC

Description: every time I exit the game, my progress is reset to a certain point in time, and I lose all progress made after that point in time. I have attached a video further demonstrating the video

Steps To Reproduce: Unknown, this only has happened to me out of the 3 other people I have talked to since experiencing this bug.

Images / Videos: I do not have the proper tools to translate this video to the proper format. the following link is a google drive link where you can view the video (sorry if i sound mad my mic was turned up and its been a long day): 2023-11-07 - Google Drive

Host or Client: East (Steam) (Me)

Players in your game: Me, Carly_CarNerd, theBing

Specifications: unable to discern at the time. if this is required for resolving the bug, please let me know and I will attempt to find them. All drivers are up to date.

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This is very concerning.

I suggest that you send the GZ Team your savefile for durther investigations.

Out of interest do you have multiple saves or backups? If so can you check the different saves for the same issue?

Please keep us updated :slightly_smiling_face:

Here is the GZ Support Link if you need help with the save file retrieval

You mention that you’re on PC, but did you purchase / play using Steam or the Microsoft Store?

Really good video, really good report, really bad issue.

You should provide some more info about your system and OS.

Check your firewall/Antivirus protection for exceptions for GZ, Steam or its folders.
Maybe it prevents the game from saving.
Also check if the safe file folders haven’t become write protected.

Last but not least an important question:
Do you or have you ever used mods for GZ?
They are officially not supported and may destroy your game data.

Ok I Fixed the problem. I just re-installed my game and it’s working normally again. Weird that it happened but I didn’t lose much since I gave my stuff to my friends before I got off so they kept it safe for me. Do hope it gets patched tho because you could very easily duplicate items, because when my friends gave me my stuff back, I still had the original copy of it. Also to answer a question, I have never used mods or other things that would alter my game.

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