Dog AI - Giving Them Ability To Get Into Houses


Allow the dogs to bash in doors and get into the houses. I’d design these things to get into houses for sure. While in a house, their sprint would be shut off, they’d just walk and patrol the house. They could also just jump through a window. It’s not like they aren’t capable.

Subsequently, players should be equipped to handle such scenario - such as possession of an infrared blanket that hides from point blank detection. Imagine the suspense of watching it scan you! If it finds you, you’re dead.


I like this suggestion. It reinforces the idea that the Runners were made for a kind of tactical military approach like breaching and clearing, for example. Only now, FNIX gives the commands.


They are already in the houses via glitches and I explain this away by them jumping through windows. The rare times it happens catches me out so I think that’s a good thing.


I’ve encountered runners inside houses several times. Got quite a chock first time, as I didn’t see that coming. I descent the stairs with more care now. But that’s cool as long as they don’t chase me running up the stairs again :flushed:


I had one house there I had six runners ending up inside the entry. Every time I left that area either into the kitchen or the other down stairs room or if I went upstairs one would appear in the entry. It actually got rather crowded down there and hard to get around because sometimes you can’t just walk through them. I also had a hunter end up on the roof and then ended up on top of me in an upstairs bathroom. The problem when it was standing on top of me it couldn’t shoot me.


I was fighting a group of runners in one of those small bunker places with the army lorries and the containers of machines. I was inside and they were outside and when I got wounded I’d run to the back of the underground warehouse to patch myself up. This happened several times and each time the runners would dash up the hill above me so they were close to my location (laterally only of course) and when I went back to the doors they’d run back down to the entrance.

This happened 3 or 4 times and then I turned round to find a hunter right behind me inside the bunker next to the containers. I shat my pants! He looked as surprised as I was.


the first house you go to has a runner that apparently knocked down the door. That made me expect them to be a threat in houses. I was disappointed when I realized it was not normal.


I’ve had a couple (possibly three one time) follow me in a house before, was worried they’d get up the stairs so i just threw everything i had at them.


Its when you are fighting in a doorway and one gets in silently into a room behind you that you then retreat into to patch yourself up. Not fun. :wink:


I would really like to see these dogs start knocking in doors on us. Their tackle attack is engineered for the purpose of knocking in doors. There are so many doors bashed in across the map that it would make sense for these to be the ones behind house raiding.

I want to see some serious AI changes that make it harder to cower behind impenetrable plywood house walls.

I got bored of gen zero because it got too easy peaking from house windows at every single bot in the game. I’d expect these things to be bashing in doors like crazy.

The AI issues aren’t limited to the dogs either. The tanks need to be a little more aggressive in pursuit. I’ve only seen them sprint like once or twice. If a player is detected because of shooting at this thing from far away, it should sprint towards the player. If the player is housing up inside something and can’t be attacked, it should call in more dogs. Tanks shouldn’t sit in one place for more than 30 seconds, because it’s really easy to park them and window peak their vitals until they go down.

If the AI of a tank does become more agressive and mobile, their mobility needs to come at the sacrifice of durability. I poor a ton of munition into these tanks, they’re just parked - it becomes repetative and boring - but rewarding.

It should take less ammo to take them down and be harder to hit vitals. Tanks should not be parking unless they’re calling in backup that can knock in doors and get the player moving around inside the house.

All of this seems like it would make the game harder - thats the point. I’ve gone full play sessions back to back not dying and getting purple and yellow loot off this stuff because the AI can be cheated too easily once you figure it out.