Dog AI - Giving Them Ability To Get Into Houses


Allow the dogs to bash in doors and get into the houses. I’d design these things to get into houses for sure. While in a house, their sprint would be shut off, they’d just walk and patrol the house. They could also just jump through a window. It’s not like they aren’t capable.

Subsequently, players should be equipped to handle such scenario - such as possession of an infrared blanket that hides from point blank detection. Imagine the suspense of watching it scan you! If it finds you, you’re dead.


I like this suggestion. It reinforces the idea that the Runners were made for a kind of tactical military approach like breaching and clearing, for example. Only now, FNIX gives the commands.


They are already in the houses via glitches and I explain this away by them jumping through windows. The rare times it happens catches me out so I think that’s a good thing.


I’ve encountered runners inside houses several times. Got quite a chock first time, as I didn’t see that coming. I descent the stairs with more care now. But that’s cool as long as they don’t chase me running up the stairs again :flushed: