Don't dupe clothes when looting

When I look for clothes I want to find something new I go open 15 bags and 5 boxes and get 5 clothing items and 4 are dupes. I damn near only play the game for outfits and every time I get on I can’t even find any. Please remove the chances for finding duped clothing.


I would support that.
At least for the first few hundred hours it was really annoying.

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i don’t mind seeing duplicates all over, however, I just wish they did something, during Halloween Event I picked up enough shirts to :rofl: have won the New Gun DLC, :wink:, just kidding, give multiplayer peoples t-shirts though shirt cannon :confused: now why hasn’t anyone came up with that idea yet to be put in a video game, Shirt Cannon Guns DLC, & interesting way to share t-shirts,


Right. Duplicate clothing items should be good for a scrap of fabric, at least.

Could be random low-end resources. Plastic from buttons (is that the source of plastic from human corpses…?), metal from zippers, fabric most obvious…