DON'T press the "store all in category" button... unless you know what you're doing

The “store all in category” function is a nuisance that either doesn’t work properly or is very poorly highlighted. I had selected thread, which is crafting material, and sent it to the storage box thinking that the “store all in category” would send all items belonging to the category “crafting” to the box.

Well, lo and behold, that little button press made everything… EVERYTHING… in my inventory hop into the box. The only thing left on me were the things directly assigned to my slots.

That button is woefully misleading. There should be two buttons in the inventory, one that says “store all in category” which stores everything from a single category, be it “weapons”, “crafting” or “ammunition” etc, and another button which simply says “store everything” or “store all non-equipped items”.

And why is there no sorting function in the inventory? Why can’t we chose to sort items and weapons based on type or quality? As it is now, I have to painstakingly scroll down a very long list of multiple colors and visually eyeball where a particular attatchment is. It gets very frustrating when you have a million items and the f*cking “store all in category” function has robbed me of my precious gear.


This a really good point and it would be a savvy move from the developers to add a ‘sort’ button. Good thinking.

It stores everything into your plundra ( weight allowance permitting ) that is not assigned to a quick slot within the designated sub-category.

It’s not broken, just have to understand how it works.

But is a nuisance when you accidentally put a bunch of ammo in thats gonna take 5 mins to get out

Not quite. I had accidentally stored all my weapons (that were not on a quickslot) in the plundra and all attachments got removed. I guess this should not happen.

No…it should.

All necessary items including weapon attachments, ammo, and sights are all transferred.

“Store All” means ( plundra weight permitting ) store all.

Inventory management is easy once you work backwards. Say I want 10,000 rounds of 7.62, but but plundra is empty and I have 50,000 rounds.

By default - it will allow the maximum available on that item to fill the plundra, probably around the 30,000 mark. Despite holding down on the d pad - and analogue stick to slightly speed up the slider - there is a quicker way.

You simply must pad out your plundra BEFORE you actually take what you want. I normally pad mine out with explosive shells allowing 30-40kg remaining allowing me to pull ( or close on the slider ) 3000-3500 rounds. With practice, and I’ve had A LOT - you can learn how much space to leave in your plundra for each, and every item you use regularly.

It will not only sharpen up your inventory management, but your own in- game checklist of what you actually need - and what needs to be stored on your mule.

Respect the mule, don’t waste anything and focus on a build, and a inventory load out and stick to it. Scale down your equipment - take what you need. Your gameplay will improve not having to worry about pickups, be a lot more fluid and methodical knowing what you need, and what you don’t.

The offer still stands if you want a support ranking up your areas and helping you on the Vanguard build.

On the console release, FB confirmed it’s almost there - so fingers crossed Wednesday stream we may have a date.


Just to point out, nothing more:
If your Plundra is empty and when you store only 7.62mm in there, then you can fit 50.000 rounds in it to get Plundra’s capacity to 200/200 (since 1 round of 7.62mm weighs 0.004).

I probably didn’t explain myself properly. The weapons were all in the plundra but the attachments and ammo stayed in my inventory, went not in the plundra as well.

I haven’t understood why this kind of feature was added in the first place. However, as far as i understood it’s workings; it works in two ways:

  1. If you have e.g “Ammo” tab open in Plundra view and if you click “Store all” then it moves as much ammo from your inventory to the Plundra as possible. Hence the “Store all in category” description.
    Same is when you have “Weapons” tab open, it moves only the weapons but not weapon attachments since those are under different category.
  2. However, if you open your Plundra and doesn’t pick a category, the “All” category is displayed and when you click “Store all” at that point, everything from “All” category gets moved, except keybinded items.

I have never used that feature and i’m also nowhere in hurry when i access my Plundra for me to accidentally click on it.

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Well I was neither in a hurry but my fingers slipped from the E to the R key :joy: I guess I have to remap that key too (if that’s even possible :sweat_smile:).

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Your splitting hairs.

Specifics are not in this titles nature, hence why it was set as an example.