Don't trust NATO and any Country helping


Since this game is alternate history I’m going that NATO is pretending to help just to use the machine for there personal game and then later cover everything up the machines, Fnix, the player all of it then say it was a Russian attack I’m going to say that don’t trust any country to help its lies. You can have opinions but I’m going with not trusting any coyntry.


Depends on the Countries Leading the Task Force. If its UK or France they might try to steal the tech to become a world power again. USSR just wants the tech too. USA probably wants it but its first objective is denying it to the Soviets.


But they all want the tech.


Obviously you are all wrong. This is about Denmark taking back Skåne.


but östertörn is not skåne


Oh, what about Halland or Blekinge then? If not, we do apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused :wink:


if the ussr wanted to steal technology, why did he give the device destroying fnix?) if at least one side wanted to help Sweden in such a situation, they would have done it in a few days with the army.


personally, my opinion is that all these deliveries of weapons and other humanitarian operations are enrichment of some leaders through charitable foundations and earning a political rating


well östertörn is a fitional swedish island that is problaly near stockholm, and sweden is and was stronger than denmark so how whould they invade östertörn?:joy:


Noooo … no … no it isn’t!

With the help of the Swedes in Skåne, obviosly. Many years ago I had a small cabin near Hörby, and my neighbour was pining for Skåne to return to Denmark. Have you ever seen the flag they are flying in Skåne? Now does that look more like a Danish flag or a Swedish flag? Well, does it?

@SwedishArmysurvivor, my friend, I’m just teasing. Rest assure, Denmark will never consider to take up arms against our Swedish sisters and brothers :wink:


hah so you are danish mate? well we are glad to have you as bothers and sisters, and sorry bro skåne is ours, and btw i live in skåne


Ah you see this is destroying the controller of the machines not the machines themselves which can be reprogrammed.