Dose anyone have a experimental hammer I can have?

I’m on Ps4 and I’ve been trying to get one for a few days but had no luck, just wondering if anyone has a spare.

I suggest to be patient and to try on.
Some of us play the game since months or years and still have no exp sledgehammer.

Where is the fun, if you have everything within a few days?

Did you know that you just can get the exp sledgehammer if you’re above level 25 and kill reapers? And: there is just a small chance to get it.

I have played since 2019, I lost my first one by placing it into a machine and lost a second due to the game shutting down, its not fun when you need to grind forever for a item that you lost to a glitch.

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In the future, I recommend making a backup save to avoid losing your progress like that. I’ve had 4 crashes that corrupted my data but thanks to constantly backing up my saves I was able to only lose a couple hours of progress. If I didn’t have a backup I definitely would’ve quit the game.

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That is a good idea but the game instantly shut down when I picked the sledgehammer up.

Hey. Yes it is. That’s sad what happend to you.
I didn’t know that when answering your original post.

You should have given this information as well, because, as you can see, I missunderstood your intention (“tried a few days…” Versus “playing for 3 years and already lost two due…” )

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I can see I should of put more information on the post.

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