Double Barrel Shotgun Request

Alright hear me out here. We already have hunting rifles which are a farmer kind of weapon and double barrel shotguns are even more of a farmer kind of weapon why couldn’t we find one in rural Sweden. It could potentially replace the pump shotgun in the first church.

Horizontal barrels obviously because they look a lot cooler than vertical barrels. Potentially a sawed off version or attachment if people want it enough.

High damage but high reload times. Two firing modes both barrels at once or one at a time. Kind of an early game weapon but can be used late game if skilled enough.

Potentially an experimental version, don’t take this seriously I’m just spit balling here. What if when you shot buckshot or birdshot it was like a dragon breath shotgun incredibly high damage to components but really low damage to armor because armor just deflects it but components melt. I can’t think of the synergies for it right now. I am open to suggestions on how to improve the idea.

This should also be a new base game weapon because what kind of pack would this go in and the game needs some more base game weapons.


I personally don’t think that I would use it as much, because it would be too slow in my eyes, but it’s a good idea that fits into the context.

Some more and differently feeling weapons would be nice, as long as they fit into the context.

The current weapons often are too similar.
Often they use all the same attachments and modes.

For example there aren’t many differences between the Älgstudsare and the Meusser. Just a different type of ammo.

There aren’t many differences between the AG4, AG5 and the AI76, too.
AG5 uses different ammo than the others, the AI76 has an additional 3-shot-burst. That’s all.

If there would be more differences, it could give one more reasons whether to use one or the other gun.

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It might be kinda slow but I would have fun being the doom guy.


I personally prefer damage over capacity or reload time. I use the .44 Magnum a lot, and I must admit, the low capacity does get annoying but I basically never use anything else because 9mm just doesn’t have the punch, and the devs won’t seem to add any other calibers. The double barrel shotgun would deffinatelly be in my edc, od love the extra power.


Nice to see you understand the purpose of It. We could be cowboys.


I agree I would use a double barrel shotgun as an in-your-face insta-kill on small to median machines. Kind of a get out of my face gun, not a mow everything down in the area gun.
Because I can always switch to a different gun and take cover. Then once I have a breather reload.
Yet it is only 2 shots to reload, unlike 5 shots, so it shouldn’t be too long of a reload time.


Yeah, especially if you have your reload speed maxed out. Not to mention, with those kinds of shotguns you can reload 2 shells at a time, thus lowering the time even further. It’s definitely not the most practical for sustained fire, but it would be great for as you said a “get outa my face” gun.


I think it’s a great idea.

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