Double-Pasting on Himfjäll Island?

I’ve noticed something with nearly all the runners’ “corpses” on this island: There are almost always two defunct runners on the same spot when scavenging. Is this a cut-and-paste error created during development?


There’s FNIX and Military runners in Himfjall, something is definitely wrong

You can even find prototype versions, at least at the relay beacons.

That’s not unusual. There always we’re all types of machines, but of course mostly apoc class.

They are just representing piles of dead machines. All are lootable.

Can you show a screenshot where you can see what you described?

I had seen this too for about a week straight, then, out of nowhere it just stopped.

Here is a screenshot right in front of the church in Österhällan. All dead asset runners there are doubled, mostoften a mix of Prototype and FNIX

It has been like this for ages now, can’t really remember when that started… :thinking: :man_shrugging:

Cannot remember that. Or I never noticed it.
I’ll take a look later.

Ok, I can confirm.
But I still can’t remember If that has been for longer now or not.

Today I had an other issues on Himfjäl.
Haven’t been there for a long time now, so I just noticed it today. I got killed during a combat north east of the hotel. I had 3 adrenaline shots with me, but I wasn’t able to use them. I had to respawn at a safehouse.

Anyone else noticed this recently?
P.s. I will create an own topic for that if it happens again or others have this issue, too.

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I’m not there right now; I started another playthrough, and I’m nowhere near ready to go back. It’s not rare at all on Himfjäll Island; go to any town and you’ll see them all up and down the street. I didn’t bother noting co-ordinates or anything like that because they are as rare as hens’ feathers.

Check out Kimosabe_X’s contribution; he did supply a relevant screenshot.

Yes, I already wrote that I saw it by myself.
Just in Österhällan until now, but I just went straight from the hotel to there today.

IIrc the same happens with the Runner corpses at the ski slope cabin safehouse, can’t remember the name right now. :thinking: :man_shrugging: Ulvstugan Cabin maybe ?

The piles of dead runners has been present since I purchased the Himjfall Island DLC when it was released.

Seriously, it is not an issue. Each runner in the piles can be looted individually.