Doubt ps4: wait for start offline or play

Hi. a doubt. If I start an offline game on ps4 today, when the update comes out, will I have to start it again to notice the changes added? Or will I notice the added changes? I have wanted to start playing this game and I have been waiting for that update for months. What do you recommend that I wait a little longer or start now? thanks

Well since your gear is transferable, always good to start and play with skills. If you have to start over, you know what direction to head and have the gear to back you up.

It depends what you want.

If you start playing today on PS4, either of the two will happen:

  1. You get used to the very difficult AI and are battle hardened for whatever comes next (FNIX Rising update).
  2. You roll over and refuse to play due to the very difficult AI.

If 1st instance would happen and once the FNIX Rising update hits, you may be disappointed how easy the AI is, since AI doesn’t match your battle hardened skills anymore. Several people have shared their dislike of the easier AI, compared to what was before (including me).

If 2nd instance would happen, you’d be disappointed in the brutal game and it’s hard to tell if you ever come back to GZ. However, if you do, you’d be relieved to see that the AI level is much easier post-FNIX Rising update, compared to what it is now on PS4 platform.

So, it’s up to you.
If you haven’t played GZ at all since late April '20, i suggest you wait for FNIX Rising update, so, you’d completely skip the brutal AI currently on PS4 platform. However, if you want to try your hand on brutal AI, feel free to do so, but you have been warned.

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but if I save a game from today, when I resume it after the patch … will the difficulty be lighter even if I started it in the previous version? I do not know if I explain myself very well

You are correct. The game will get easier regardless.

You probably know this, but you can always change difficulty whenever you like.
Adventure mode is less hard than Skirmish mode, so if you find the default mode Skirmish (medium difficulty) too hard, go for Adventure mode (“easy difficulty”) .

Yes, since each update is global and affects any save you have, regardless when it was 1st created.

For example: i have one of the oldest saves, created back in 10th of April 2019. Thus far, every game update that has come, has also changed the game accordingly.

While this is true, do note that overall, Guerilla (Hard) difficulty after FNIX Rising update, is easier than Adventurer (easy) difficulty before FNIX Rising update.

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En serio? Más fácil Guerrilla que Aventura?? Raro no?

If that’s the case, sadly I’m not sure I will download the update or FR at all…:thinking:
Do you know why they decreased the difficulty so drastically? I got back to this game just because I’ve heard it was toughened up drastically !

@Aesyle Could you elaborate with what did get easier even on Guerrilla mode?
Already know about the enemy response delay and not all hunters attacking the player at the same time, what else?

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There was an uproar in the community for way too difficult machine AI that the April '20 update brought, making the game too hard for many players, even on Adventurer difficulty.

Devs also explained it some further in one of the dev streams, that part starts from 00:30:30,

Many things, some examples:

  • Post-April’20 update, almost all machines had relentless fire rate and it was next to impossible to dodge harvs and tanks rocket salvos, which also contained far more rockets per salvo than they contain post-FNIX Rising update.
  • Machines also had pinpoint accuracy, and while you did manage to dodge the direct hit of the rocket salvo, the blast radius still caught you.
  • What made the dodging rockets so hard was not only the relentless fire rate and great accuracy but the very short rockets flight time, giving you very little, if any time to react.
  • Of course, not only rockets got better but every other weapon as well machines used against you.
  • Also, the machine aggro range was a lot bigger as well, especially for FNIX hunters. It was common to get Concussion Rifle shot seemingly from nowhere since FNIX hunters were able to shoot at you from 300m easily (that range is what i personally tested back then, it could’ve been greater).
  • Moreover, Concussion Rifle shots went through the walls of a building and hiding in the house or barn wasn’t safe anymore. It was actually worse being inside the building since you couldn’t see the FNIX hunter nor fire back at it.
  • And at times, i also had huge frame rate drops (down to 20 FPS or so), when i was surrounded by machine armada and everybody fired at me at once.

What has remained same, between post-April '20 Guerilla and post-FNIX Rising Guerilla are:

  • Damage you take per hit.
  • Machine HP.

Here’s also a topic where several players (including me) are asking the post-April '20 difficulty level to be brought back to the game: PLEASE add April 2020 Difficulty as an option in the future
I also shared some gameplay videos of post-April '20 difficulty in there.