PLEASE add April 2020 Difficulty as an option in the future


I just played the patch. Hunters have now been neutered. I was dancing around 5 or 6 FNIX Hunters, and their shoulder canon couldn’t even hit me. Their flechette guns were barely any better. I REALLY enjoyed the April 2020 difficulty. Now Hunters feel like blindfolded drunk toddlers. An FNIX Tank was barely any better. I was shooting it, I hid behind a wall to reload, I get back into view, and the Tank is shooting at the other side of the building. What will prototype and military Hunters do? Come shake my hand?

I was very much loving the accuracy of all the robots in the April 2020 patch. I expected GZ to get soft as so many whined about the difficulty, and I was right. You can only go as fast as the slowest person in front of you on a one lane road.

I used to be genuinely afraid of the robots. I had to plan every move out. I had to scope out each area to plan my attack. I had to strategically pick at each robot from a distance to make sure I would survive in a specific area and not eat up 30 health packs.

Please strongly consider adding the precision of the April 2020 patch in a new difficulty mode. “Punishing” would be a proper name for it.

Doubt ps4: wait for start offline or play
Generation zero ideas
Keep current guerrilla difficulty ((pre fnix-rising) ps4)
Ideas for duifficulty settings

+1 from me… Just nerf the gas grenades of Military Hunters a bit, and lave everything else alone :wink:


I like whenever i get to plan a attack just like you. In the newest patch I don’t need to fear the robots. They’re worse than stormtroopers att there aim.


So that didn’t change ? What about gas resistance (mask/skill), is this finally in a working state again ?


I’ve noticed a lot of people asking for the machine behavior post April update to be left alone
Problem is that new players may potentially be scared off by this duifficulty spike
I personally don’t play a lot of rage games (cup head and dark souls for example) so I’d personally prefer that the machines be fixed
But I want to try and come up with a compromise
How’s this sound for gen zeros duifficulty settings
Adventure (easy mode)
Skirmish (pre April update duifficulty
Gorilla (post April update skirmish/adventure duifficulty)
Apocalypse (post April update gourilla behavior


Same feature request topics merged.


Exactly the same here, when i 1st started out and when April '20 AI bug came.

Haven’t played the new update as of yet and don’t know how toned-down the game now is. But most likely to the level of pre-April '20 update.

For the name, i think “Armageddon” is a good fit for such difficulty level.


I agree, I think there are more tweaks than just the gas to be made but I really liked the high lethality of the machines and though I have been playing on console and so haven’t had the update yet just looking at how little resistance Tenebris had from the rivals in his video (yes, I don’t care about being spoiled) I know that I will have no problems with any of the machines going forward.

And as far as a name for the new difficulty… “Undergång” just to keep it swedish.


So, I tried it myself.
Went to the airfield and charged into a groupf of hunters, a few runners and a harvester, all FNIX class.
I only got hit twice, one time when I stood still and a runner rocket hit me after missing two times,
and the second time when I charged two hunters who were chilling in the corner.

I can’t help but feel like the team keeps overcompensating.
People say the game is too easy, the make it extremely hadcore and uninviting to newcomers, people, myself included, complain that the game is too hard now, devs make the game easier than it was before, to the point where it almost plays itself.

I hope the team gets there stuff together, because I normally really like the game, but if this keeps up I’m out.


What mode where you on?


Skirmish Difficulty, I think.


Try guerrilla and adventure see what that’s like you can’t judge a book until you have read all the pages! Or in this case all the difficulties! How do you know guerrilla isn’t April machine strength? Test! :slightly_smiling_face:


Maybe a separate Hardcore game mode?

No missions… just machine-grinding painful pleasure.


That is exactly what I had hoped for. A 4 or 5 tier difficulty rating.


I have ONLY played on guerilla. What Fraeddy mentioned is exactly what I experienced in guerilla. I have seen 1 or 2 replies of people mentioning it is now easier than Pre April 2020. So maybe the easiness is accidental? I can’t imagine a logical reason to making it easier than what it was Pre April.


Honestly, it fells like (and I hope that’s the case) the machine’s pathfinding and aim have become bugged.
Like when the team tried to tone down the difficulty, something went wrong.

Because some of the new behavior doesn’t seem intentional.

I really hope that’s the case, because if it is a bug, there could be a hotfix out soon.


I got about 40 minutes of game time trying the new DLC, trying and failing the Ring fort mission a couple of times.

I would rather put this under “Machine behavior June update” but this seems to be the place to post it right now.

Yes, I agree that the AI now seems “sluggish” or that the machines are “Lagging” on Guerrilla difficulty. Machines are behaving very weird. Runners might run up to you, and then just stand there for a a few seconds before firing. Hunters likewise. However when they do fire it feels like it is the same accuracy and damage like before. Fire rate is toned down though so they do not fire as often as before.

Damage wise they seem to soak as much damage as they did on old guerrilla (I hope I am wrong here).

They still track and chase you all over the map though. Gas grenades range is still there, but for some reason (even though they track you no problem) the nades are not aimed at you current location but rather where you where 5-10 seconds ago.

When it come to the machine guns they still hit well when they shoot, and the hurt ALOT if you get hit even from a far. Accuracy does not diminish with distance (which is very not realistic even for machines) so you need cover OR 200 meters between you and that machine gun or you are gonna hurt.

Overall feeling so far: Just wierd, and not what I was hoping for.

I guess I’ll try skirmish next.

I tried to summarize it all here, but remember this is just after 40 mins of gameplay.

  • Damage: unchanged. The few hunter machinegun bullets that hits hits hard. I have gone from 100 to 20 in an instance (full vanguard with armor perk)

  • Tracking range: Unchanged. Hunters still track you and chase you down from miles away.

  • Hunter/Runner gun accuracy: Feels unchanged to me. I don’t agree that you can now dance hunters around they will still hit you and it hurts.

  • Hunter gas grenade accuracy: For some reason the hunter gas grenade hits where you where 5-10 seconds ago. Hence majorly changed.

  • Rocket salvo: Speed or accuracy (or both) is majorly reduced. Just move and they will not hit you.

  • Detection range: Reduced. It feels by much, you can creep pretty close to things without them reacting now.

  • Reaction time hunters and runners: Majorly increased from random instant to max one or two sec to what feels like random 3-5 seconds.

  • Fire rate has been tuned down on all machines, and all weapons. more on some weapons (concussion rifle, gas grenade) and less on others (Tank machine gun)


Ironically, I put similar to this in the discord earlier.

I thought as a kind of ironic nod to “what used to be” just call the difficulty… " April Update " :rofl:


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Difficulty’s a hard thing to master, let alone so it pleases everybody. Adventure, Skirmish and Guerilla were added so people who enjoy higher difficulty can do so at will. Guerilla as it is right now is hard, without the annoying bugs and lightning reflexes that came with April Update. I tried Guerilla as it is now, and I did my best and I still got my ass kicked.

But I have my doubts that we’re going to see Guerilla become more hardcore than it’s been balanced to with FNIX Rising. In the end some are going to want more regardless how difficult it gets, but they’ll have to accept that it can be very difficult to balance the “fun factor” with “frustration”.


Thank you all. I played for about an hour this morning and was too tired to provide details as some of you did.

Much of what you mentioned is exactly what I wanted to write a war and peace article on, but I was too sleepy.

The Hunters standing still, not shooting, shooting and missing too often, etc. The Hunters have been turned from a worthy advisory to a windshield bug annoyance equivalent.

I can’t put this game down because of the atmosphere. It is everything I love. 80’s style music, crazed industrial robots, beautiful scenery, etc. But unlike the people that rage quit because they whined it was too hard, I am not going to rage quit because I think it is too easy. I will have 10 disabled Harvesters chase me if I have to in order to provide that crazed need of mine. Oh and you guys know how the Harvesters and Tanks like getting up close and personal when you destroy their missle launchers. :grimacing: