PLEASE add April 2020 Difficulty as an option in the future

I started in last of april with the game so it’s ‘normal’ that we’re playing in this tuff mode, but we want a challange :wink:

HAHA and ya know what? I think they changed that behavior. I was in the field collecting stuff for the new mission. I started sniping the tank, and it started walking towards me vs just dancing in its spot while I shot it. I was beyond its range (it was pretty obvious it no longer had the launching of missiles that did nothing), but it still detected me. So it was like “Bruh I can’t shoot at you, but I see you.”

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Seems like it was like “huh this dude has killed a lot of my buddies why even try?”

Cataclysm would be a better name

There are several good names for what to call this difficulty level. :slightly_smiling_face:

For additional one: “Singularity” or for even better meaning: “Technological singularity”.
(Technological singularity is a point in time at which technological growth becomes uncontrollable and irreversible, resulting in unforeseeable changes to human civilization.)

Those each sound good, but I would think that Cataclysm is the name for the hardest difficulty, since the day FNIX took over was called “Cataclysm Day”

“Cataclysm day” or “Cataclysm” describes the single event of machine takeover. That’s one specific point in time. It would fit, if the time in game doesn’t advance and stays on the same, takeover day, for forever. (Which it actually did until Alpine Unrest DLC came that advanced time.)

“Technological singularity” however, describes the overall state of the game; the superintelligence (FNIX), the end of the human era (most of living people gone/dead), technological advances at an incomprehensible rate (with FNIX Rising, timeline has advanced less than a month since cataclysm day and FNIX already has designed and built several bases) and pinpoint accuracy with relentless fire rate that was in the game for two months (and which this topic also asks back, as hardest difficulty level).

So, in that sense, “Technological singularity” would be better fit than “Cataclysm”.

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I think they should come out with a difficulty level called “April 2020” :smiley:

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How about…


In culture, the resistance is always the underdog, who fight against overwhelming odds.


I (personally) want the current guerilla (ps4) to stay in the game, however it being an entirely new difficulty type because I love the challenge, and the fact that you do have to co-ordinate with teammates to take down machines, however, I understand a lot of players don’t like the current guerrilla, and in that case they could switch the difficulty lower, but for the players who enjoy the current guerrilla, would like to keep it in the game somewhere

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In one of the latest dev streams, Björn (lead designer) did gave hope for the post-April’20 update difficulty returning to the game.

What was exactly said can be listened at 00:30:30 in here:

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What I’d like to see is tanks moving around and not just staying in one spot shooting you after you’ve been spotted. All the swedisch army would have had to do was hide behind a rock and move left or right by 4 meters everytime the rockets or mortars come flying. Apoc Tanks are a bit better due to their area denial, but generally there isn’t enough re-positioning happening with the bigger units. Once you get rid of their guns you can simply move before two trees that they can’t fit between, and all they will ever do is look at you angrily.

I also think that difficulty should reflect item quality and drops to a certain degree, as in nothing being unobtainable in the easiest mode, but harder ones giving better loot more frequently. In my opinion a challenge has to be proportional to its rewards.


YES! I will forever love these guys if April 2020 makes its way back on one of the difficulty levels. I would be more than happy to throw in tips if asked, and Im sure there are plenty of gamers here who have played since the 80s that can also throw some input. :slightly_smiling_face:

Totally agree with you on this. I spent a lot of time planning my shots pre latest update. What I found the first time I played the latest update was, firstly I was being attacked by up to 40+ hunters (coming in waves of three or four once I’d dispatched the previous wave) and at least two tanks and an harvester plus several runners and seekers and was able to survive without dying once. Yesterday I destroyed several tanks and about 20 hunters as well as 20+ runners while on an open road with forests to both sides and various rock outcrops for cover and survived. Previously if I got into a scrap with more than three hunters and just one tank and I’d not planned it well, i.e. setting traps, getting adequate cover etc I’d be dead twice over or more unless I ran away. A new difficulty mode incorporating the difficulty from the April update would be brilliant. I would keep the present as a medium to easy difficulty mode.

The image is from the first battle I had post update. You can only see half of the robots, a harvester and tank are behind the second barn with loads more hunters. Oddly there were few runners. I didn’t use my pistol, I just changed it to get a better shot of the destruction.

This new change is just too easy, and also time consuming as the battle took almost 40 minutes.

I think “spamming” robots is the problem, not the difficulty itself. I would love to fear the robots, not
to get the swarm of robots that comes in front of my face to shoot at.

I will admit that the Assassins of April difficulty has grown on me. I am surprised at how much I’m actually going to miss it. Devs, it could use some tweaks ( like getting hit by hunters concussion rifles doing 80% hp and missiles that you obviously dodged but still did damage) don’t completely eradicate the April difficulty.

Still waiting the post-April '20 update difficulty level coming back to the game.

In the mean time, here are some of my gameplay recordings that i took post-April '20 update, to be as reminders, what the game was back then. :blush:

Solo play, Guerilla difficulty:

Multiplayer, Adventurer difficulty:

Multiplayer, Skirmish difficulty:

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I have to agree that it made the game more interesting, just no more “Laser” missiles or Hunters OP concussion rifles please.
Just make it a standard feature in Guerilla and optional for Skirmish.

Yep! The most important tactic I learned early when dealing with the Harvesters. Shoot Hunter weapons off to not kill them which prevents more Hunters from spawning. You almost feel bad for the Hunters with no weapons. Them running around in circles like drunk toddlers trying to knife you looks pretty comical. :rofl: