Please STOP neutering the robots in Guerilla as they were again in Nov 2020 patch

I tried out the latest patch for a few hours. Here comes a FNIX Harvester with its Hunters. Ok great. This is the type of fight I want. Let me destroy the Hunters to loot, keep picking away at the Harvester, kill more incoming Hunters, and finally destroy the Harvester. And possibly leave the Hunters disarmed towards the end if I want to stop the madness.

Nope. I destroyed the Hunters, and the Harvester did NOT call in for more Hunters. It is bad enough the Hunters are running off some delayed reaction that takes them about 5 seconds between the time they laser target you and the time they actually shoot.

And then I noticed in the November 2020 update notes:
“We’ve toned down the number of reinforcements that a Harvester can call in”


What would have been pleasant to read would have been:
“We’ve toned down the number of reinforcements that a Harvester can call in in ADVENTURE mode.”
“We’ve increased the number of reinforcements that a Harvester can call in in GUERILLA mode.”

This request is tied in with my previous plea of bringing April 2020 difficulty back as I mentioned here. But I don’t expect these threads to be joined being that this is now a request affected by the latest patch.

So for future updates which have now been affected by June 2020 and November 2020 patches, please just STOP AFFECTING GUERILLA. We all understand there is a large player base, and not everyone plays the same. It makes perfect since to continue to soften up Adventure, but please, for the love of all the carnage lovers, STOP softening up Guerilla. There are many of us that want the difficulty of April 2020 back into Guerilla.

Would a petition help in realizing the number of players that wish the April 2020 difficulty be returned for Guerilla?

Welcome to Walk in the Park sim. sir.

With the little time i had, to play post-November '20 update last week, the FNIX harvs had no issue calling in more hunters.


That is governed in Code of Conduct - Forums,

Let the conversation flow
Petition posts are frowned upon. Please keep in mind that this is a discussion forum. If you have an issue with the game, please discuss it in a civil and informed fashion. There are other places on the Internet to form online petitions.

Just letting you know.

Post-update I did come across one harvester that didn’t call in for reinforcements. I wrote it off as a post-update glitch caused by some edge case. I’ll update if I come across another ‘broken’ one.

There could be one lonely Hunter hiding somewhere, terrified of what’s to come :wink:

To be honest, I didn’t know petitions were frowned upon. I’ve never actually started one. I’ve always considered them to simply be a communal peaceful form of fans asking for something. Maybe it simply depends on the crowd the request is being asked to? :man_shrugging: But that IS the reason I specifically asked if a petition would help versus randomly starting one. :wink: I was wondering if it was an acceptable form of gathering the data. And since it is not an acceptable form here, I will not create a petition. :slightly_smiling_face:

So I will ask: How do you feel about creating a poll if I provide details for you to approve? A poll that would ask about the difficulty specifics of April 2020 becoming it’s own difficulty level or just being Guerilla. I would like to provide details since people sometimes mention the bugs of April 2020 versus actually concentrating on the lost difficulty of April 2020 that some of us love.

Things I personally would suggest:
Remove Plundra.
Tone down Vanguard by 30/50% (compared to all other trees it is ridiculously overpowered).
Fix Machine AI, increase lethality (reaction speed, aggression range, accuracy) per class.
Balance out all weapons to “GAME realism” (this is realism towards the GZ setting/world), both in damage as in range.
Remove AoE effects from Exp Weapons (LMG).
Remove Shotty/LMG silencer (seriously, these make no sense).
Remove or severely limit Adren Pens (these should be “unique”, or better, not there at all).
Add high death penalties.

I added removal of Plundra, yes yes, I get it, you do not like it.
The reason is simply, what I always said: Plundra allows too much of everything, being that ammo, HP, Adren Pens, …, which simplifies the game by a LOT.

Also, in case you missed it, I clearly said, this is what I would do.
I NEVER stated, this HAS to be done. :slight_smile:
So… no reason for any anger, my friends…
It’s a meaningless opinion, nothing more… :wink:

Okay… so you want to farm FNIX Hunters on a FNIX Harvesters, because they are easy to fight in mass (read easy to evade attacks). I can relate, I like kickin’ FNIX Harvs in the balls too and I admit my guilty pleasure of bullying crippled Tanks and Harvs, but the pleasure grows stronger when you prevailed over “harder-to-deal ones” (That means you, “Army” series).

Loot FNIX Hunters? For plastic, aluminium? These are ain’t that needed or that rare. Heavy 16g ammo? Fun to use, but they drop obscene quantity of this, even without ammo pick up skill. Besides, FNIX hunters are ubiquitous in northern half of Ostertorn, plus various hot-spots a la F23 base.

But what you do when you encounter other Harvies on Guerilla? Pick PEWdiot rifle or pick Lightning Machine Gun? Then I propose you butt-blazing challenge - cast away these guns. Use the guns which ammo FNIX Hunter drop. Yes, go bold-action on them, pick every bullet, never recycle, to free some chest space you must use those trash bullets. And then go this way on Apoc or Army.
Not satisfied? There’s always “dilapilated” option.

Some of your points i agree to but the AoE effect of the LMG removed would make it a useless weapon. I personally feel like death penalties should vary depending on region level or the game mode your on so for adventure no penalties but guerrila having you drop randomly half your inventory. Also machine AI (these were meant to be piloted by humans in bunkers and not run themselves!) has been toned down due to the April Difficulty which after a while wasnt too bad but Hurt the game at first as machines were ridiculously OP compared to before april.

Then I propose to give this lightning ability to weaker and harder to control Minimi (a.k.a. Kvm89). Good luck with consistent mosqito bitting to proc effects.

Possibly just dont want too many weps with a lightning ability in the game ( The exp sledge is dope)

You mean just before FR? Yeah, me and bois dived headfirst into game on scaled guerilla. Castle on top of the hill was like those soul-shattering bonus dungeons with prot. dogs and that hunter was like friggin’ raid boss. But couple hours later we got our pacifiers out after out first pre-spawned boss at Saltholmen church and steeled our hearts when we saw that Farmlands were infested with these bipedal hunks.
Good times.

God what would it be like fighting the reaper on guerilla With April difficulty? Crikey that would be… interesting to say the least

Almost orga… ic…
Yes please, sign 10 up for me.

I don’t make rules, i just enforce them.
If devs don’t want to see petitions on their social media, it’s their choice. But i felt it was good to let you know the rules before it (petition) escalates.

Sure, you can create a poll. :slightly_smiling_face: It would be interesting to see the results, if given many people participate in it.

Been there, done that.
Keep in mind that in the early days, there were no: experimental weapons, LMGs, melee weapons, recycle, machine loot and even plundra. All that you had, was what you could carry in 50 slot inventory (current equivalent to 50 kg inventory) and without machine loot, you didn’t get enough ammo from machines back, to sustain you. So you had to loot for your ammo.
I completed the whole vanilla game with these “handicaps”. :grin: And that wasn’t the “challenge”. It was the game.

Sorry man - just because you are an ultra badass gamer does not mean everyone else playing GZ is as well.

I can imagine yourself ranting back in 1993 about removing BFG and plasma rifle from Doom because they are way too OP for you. Many items have been added to GZ to make things fun or because players wanted them, but the simple rule is ignore the stuff you don’t like. As for:

  • Remove Plundra - well just don’t use it, it’s so simple. We like to use it to store unique weapons and stuff we found and additional ammo and yeah, it’s nice to have.
  • Tone down Vanguard - again, don’t use it, it’s not realistic. Just skip that.
  • Fix machine AI - what I would propose instead, to add one or two extra difficulties above Guerilla, like Hell difficulty with boosted AI and Impossible difficulty where the machines react like terminators if you like it this way. Why not, but I don’t want devs to touch machine behavior at lower difficulties, for casual players it’s fine.
  • Balance weapons - I would like to fix M/49 to use HEAP and replace .270 caliber with .308 for Älgstudsare. What else do you want to balance? You are shooting metal, not people.
  • Remove AoE of Exp LMG - why? It’s funny. Again, if you think Exp weapons are OP, don’t use them. I would propose you’d stick with 3* weapons the whole game, to make thinks balanced.
  • Remove Shotty/LMG silencer - again, why? Does it harm anything to have these items in the game? Just don’t use them. They works well, BTW.
  • Remove Adren pens - again, stop collecting them. I have one or two in my inventory and rest in my Plundra, it’s simple.
  • Add high death penalties. There could be an option in menu to enable this, but don’t make this default. Really not. High death penalties lead to frustration, Diablo confirmed.

And I would propose one more thing - instead to ranting all the time how the AI and difficulty and stuff are broken, just learn yourself magic about modding and create a new mod for GZ, place it on Nexus and I am pretty sure people would download and test your mod.

My two cents.


I would like to have this setup as as extra option in the game call sometging like “realism mode” and I would be interested to play it sometimes.
On the other hand, the machine spawn was surely not so high? I cannot image surviving Bokhyttan or Anl 118 Färela with 50 slots inventory (yes I remember how it looked) and amount of machines roaming and Harvs spawning hunters and non-existing Apoc class.

You make way too much sense for 2 cents :wink:

Machine amount didn’t matter back then (and it doesn’t matter now either) since GZ is a game where you need to pick your battles, not win every singe battle you come across.

Fully agreed, but the current setup would change the ratio of amount of battle you could pick, right? That’s why I mentioned Bokhyttan and Färela, they were nice quiet places with occasional harvester or tank one year ago.