Doubts about ammo avg4

What ammunition is recommended for the AVg4? armored or armor-piercing. I have a lot of ammunition of all kinds for both the Avg4 and the qvist submachine gun. I usually use the armored one. I accept advice. thanks!

You mean AG4 and Kpist (m/46)?

For AG4, i, personally use AP rounds since they are far more effective against the targets i use my AG4 on; tanks and harvesters.

7.62mm FMJ i have reserved for KVM 59 since FMJ ammo is more abundant and KVM 59 eats through ammo like hot knife through butter.

As for SMG (Kpist or HP5), i use 9mm FMJ ammo with them. While there is 9mm SMG AP ammo as well, it is very rare in my game. Also, i’m using my SMG to shoot at runners and seekers, making FMJ better choice.


Honestly I don’t even bother with AP rounds I have 15,000 FMJ rounds in 7.62 and 5,000 in 9mm although if you only carry one weapon around you will find more of only that type in boxes and stuff.

P.S. I also would recommend the AK gun. I’ve run the AG4 as well but use it more as a mid/long range marksman rifle with a 1x4 rifle scope.

Which are the armored ones and which are the armor-piercing ones?
Armored AP and armor-piercing or reverse FMJ ?.

Hollow Point or Soft Point = Not armor piercing.
Full Metal Jacket = Medium armor piercing.
AP = High armor piercing.

Armor piercing bullets do more damage towards knocking off the machine’s armor plates.

Non armor piercing bullets do more damage against vital components, those places where you see blue sparks when shooting the machine.

For the .44 Magnus I only use FMJ rounds.
For my Kpist I only use AP rounds.
For the KVM 59 I carry both types, and often use the one that I currently have most of. I tend to save the AP rounds for the bigger machines, or large groups of Hunters.
For the PVG 90 I also carry an equal amount of both types. Gun does insane damage whatever ammo you use, but here I also tend to save the AP rounds for the biggest machines.


what a fuss of ammonution

It’s no fuss. You can clearly see in your inventory what’s what, and you can change ammo types at any time with one button. :wink:
It was more of a fuss earlier, with the old, drag-and-drop, grid based inventory system. You could’t even see what ammo type you were handling before selecting a stack.

I never noticed a significant difference so I don’t care about what ammo type I use. When I run out of AP it will load FMJ untill it runs out too.


AL -76m ? What AK gun are you referring too ?

You can notice the different Ammo Types by their respective images.
Their damage differences have been very well explained by some Users over here.
But we have to be very honest, there is not MUCH difference in terms of damage, the difference is in 5 or 10 bullets you have to shoot more or less depending on the type of ammo you are using and where you are shooting at.
The only ammo I notice a little difference is the 50 Cal, which the Armor piercing bullets are more effective downing the Tanks.
I´m sure now some of you will explain that one is better and the other worst and bla bla, but in the end it does not matter, most of the enemies are like a sponge.

  • One bullet from a rifle to the Runner Fuel tank destroys the Runner 95% of the times.
  • The Recoilless Rifle is only useful against Runners and Hunters.
  • The rest of the enemies just shoot at them with all you got in their most vulnerable areas and that´s it.
    All of this having in consideration Adventure and Skirmish Difficulties, I´m not sure about the ammo damage differences in Guerrilla Mode.
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Yes the AI-76 is the gun I use.