Doubts about buying the game, road map or future about the game?


I have the game in the shopping cart, but after reading this review I have many doubts about buy it (you can use a translator)

I would like to know if there is a road map, or any developer words that shows future intentions on the content of the game to decide to buy or not, because everyone says that at the beginning it is excellent, but that it is a very empty game. Watching videos what most caught my attention were the sounds and the landscape. If it is just a nice game to hear and watch but it is boring to play it then there is no point in buying it for me.

“Basically Generation Zero is a game that looks great at first but as you play you realize that it offers absolutely nothing that encourages you to play or see what awaits you later”


That is kinda of an older post, where the machines, especially hunters, were a bit OP. Also, he is one of those players who is the run and gun type, and early game is really just trying to sneak by machines, and one of the main tips of playing GZ is choosing your fights, which he clearly didn’t do and cost him and his friends a lot of lives. Another thing, the newest DLC has reworked the clothing system, so it’s not the 1% anymore. He also kinda rambles on how that it is “unrealistic” that there is 170 bullets just sitting in a backpack, but it is a game, not a simulator. Also, people have been advocating for better off road vehicles, so we should see a better system in the next DLC, which is either a rework of a region, or the addition of the island off the North Coast and the Forest Region.


If you are a robust player, who does not get too quickly annoyed if something goes wrong, then I would say buy it if you’re on PC. And I also advise to first play it solo only, get your missions and challenges, collectables and achievements done if that’s your thing, before to ever attempt co-op.


My fear is that the game seems to be good in the beginning but repetitive and boring soon because it is a big empty map and there is not much variety in the missions


Well, that easy then. Don’t buy it! :footprints:


So… no road map or any news about the future of the game? I saw another game from the same company will be released next month, and I wonder if generation zero will be abandoned and they will only fix bugs but do not add new content


Devs won’t tell us anything in advance. E.g hyping up the upcoming content well in advance and when release date comes, there could be delays, leading in a lot of disappointment.
Instead, devs like to pleasantly surprise us once the new content is ready and about to launch or just launched.

Due to this, there is no roadmap.

But what devs have stated, and also delivered, are:

  • reworks of all regions (so far: Archipelago, South Coast and parts of the Farmlands have been reworked)
  • all normal weapons eventually will have experimental counterparts (out of 18 weapons, 7 have experimental versions already)
  • and of course, story is also expanded with each paid DLC

GZ is Systemic Reaction (formerly: Avalanche Studios) in-house project with their own Apex Engine and which was also self-published, rather than using 3rd party publisher. “A pet project” to say so. And due to that, i don’t think the support for GZ would be dropping any time soon. There is still a lot to expand and improve upon, without 3rd party publisher breathing down or pulling the plug.


Is a good answer, although uncertainty dominates me. If I bought the game, do you think we can play one day? I don’t have friends on steam who own the game



Though, do note that i’m way past end-game with my chars and you seeing the awesome gear i have would generate way too much envy from your part, ruining your GZ experience. And i don’t want to ruin someone else’s experience.

This boils down to which kind of gamer you are. If you prefer shot gameplay games (e.g Borderlands 3 main story can be completed in just 35 hours), then GZ isn’t the game for you. However, if you prefer long gameplay games (e.g GTA V, Skyrim, WoW) then GZ is a game for you.

For example, when i started with GZ, more than 1.5 years ago, it took me 117 gameplay hours to complete the vanilla main missions. Of course, i advanced in my own, slow pace and i took perhaps a bit more time than average player.
Then again, my play style is sneak & snipe and sneaking around takes lot of time. Especially when you play solo, without no backup, as i did (and preferred to play). Still, after completing vanilla main missions, i wasn’t nowhere near done. World exploration, side missions, collectables, best gear, leveling up, different skill builds - all that takes time as well. (I like to complete the games i play 100%.)
Even now, i’m not exactly there where i’d want to be. I’m still missing few, lately added, top-end weapons and from time to time, i come to a place in world that i haven’t visited yet, despite the fact that i’ve played since launch and have more than 1100 gameplay hours in GZ.

So, if you’re up for a long journey, come to Östertön (whole map name in GZ). :slightly_smiling_face:


I would like to be able to play with someone else, I do not give much importance to the rest, I would only buy the game to play online, I am not one of those people who pay for a game only for the history and to play alone

I really like GTA V and I have more than 1000 hours, but I think there is a big difference in terms of the amount of content that GTA and GZ offer, I also really like borderlands, but the both games I enjoy playing with someone else


Rather than you reading reviews of GZ from players who had about 10 gameplay hours and without ever completing the game, to give objective perspective, here is a proper video review of GZ:

Video is made by one of our active contributors: @Pufty. And while the review is relatively old (released in the beginning of this year), many points Pufty discusses, i also agree with.

Though, compared to what you see there and what is currently different in the game are:

  • different inventory layout
  • clothing resistance bonus crafting
  • useless gear recycle
  • more in-game weapons
  • additional quality of live features (e.g prone, change ammo with 1 key press)
  • new FNIX Rising DLC (with additional 10 main and 10 side missions)
  • and a lot less bugs


For me it is a real immersive game. I bought it to play MP with friends and the occasional random drop in but it is one of those games you can play solo because there is just so much to do and see and with all the DLC that we have now the game is huge when it was already a decent size game in the beginning. Yeah its got the occasional bug but the Devs have always been faithful to the community about getting things addressed and its got a pretty good story line. Ive said this before but I have 60 dollar games in my library that dont keep me coming back like this one does. Its all about what you like though, if youre into big sandbox dystopian type games that seem to never end pull the trigger.


I’ve played about 80 plus hours, and in my honest opinion, I would wait. I’m a PS4 player and currently the game is a mess. Bodies float away before you can loot them, they spawn in places they shouldn’t, and the difficulty is absurd. I farmed 30 rivals yesterday with a friend and the best thing we got between us was a 5* compensator. The devs changed experimental weapon drop rates, which IS the endgame as you have to be level 25 or above to have a chance of getting them. Not collecting tapes or exploring as others have mentioned, as that can be done at ANY time. I personally have packed it in now after the utter crap that I experienced last night. Until FNIX drops on PS4, is tested and works, I’d rather drag myself across a cheese grater than play this mess anymore.