Downed enemy sonar

Is there a chance we will get some sort of sonar to locate both downed enemies and those attacking. This will make finding loot in dense areas at night. Either adding it to binoculars, adding goggles or even having a hacked Seeker would be a good idea.

You already have kind of both.
The companion with DLC.
With the spotter behaviour module he can spot enemy machines, with the scavenger behaviour module he can loot all the machines for you.
You just have to chose wether to use the one or the other.

Everything else above this would kill the atmosphere of GZ in my eyes.

Oh another Option that is already there:
You can use a vision module in your binoculars to See machines in IR, x-ray or nightvision.

This applies to active machines and the destroyed ones. The binoculars give you a wider view but a low powered scope will offer instant protection from still active machines.

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