Drones Not Dropping Loot?

I’m a new player to the Generation Zero community, I was playing last night and came across one of those flying drones. I successfully took it down but gained no loot. Do they not have drops implemented yet? Or is this a game glitch?

They occasionly drop components to scavange and to modify your scopes and such. Especially when you activate the loot component ability. Welcome! Have fun!

Drops are also dependant on how you damage the drone, so watch where you shoot. Go for the side engines, if you can. I think FNIX (Class 3) Seekers have a higher tendency to drop items.

Oh, I didn’t know that :slightly_smiling_face:

The trick is to kill them without damaging the components. As @Zesiir mentioned, the most reliable way is to aim for the thrusters on the sides (one shot at close to medium range with a Meusser or Älgstudsare will drop them easily).

As far as I know, the drop table is:

  • Fuel cells (size based on the machine level).
  • Optics modules (I think the FNIX seekers are the only thing that drops the triple modules, I’ve had doubles drop from military and FNIX though, and the singles drop from all of them).
  • Comm arrrays (lure device like a boombox, but much better range, three tiers just like fuel cells, prototypes only drop small, military drops small and medium, FNIX drops medium and large).
  • Bunker entry codes (just like all other bots).

I agree that it’s frustrating to get hundreds of bullets that you use almost none from instead of useful ammo.
I once killed a reaper and almost all I got was about 1600 bullets 9mm Pistol ammo. :frowning_face:

The amount in total is ok if you skilled up how much ammo you’re able to find. On the other hand: it’s somehow a survival game. It’s ok to be on low ammo or if you have to use another weapon because you’re out of ammo for 7.62 for example.

There is no “playthrough”. It’s endless. But the experimentals (as well as the clothes and scematics) should all be limited to one per type per character.

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