Drones trigger pressure land mines


I was placing down pressure landmines for a tank the other day (after August update). A drone got over it first and triggered it. I’m not sure it’s suppose to be like that, so here’s my first bug report.

Steps To Reproduce:
Get a land mine, find a drone, place the mine in his proximate path?

Images / Videos:
None! Sorry, I was busy!

Host or Client:
Single playing

Players in your game:
Me, myself and I

Not sure, but pretty decent.


Yeah that doesn’t make much sense I suppose. They look to be anti-vehicle mines, which would require something fairly heavy to step on them. I -suppose- the jets of the Seeker could trigger it, but it’s weird.
I’d rather they didn’t. Good report :slight_smile:

Platform: PC
Can confirm this, just happened in yesterday game session.

Images / Videos:

And if we go some what realistic and accurate AT mine pressure triggers. Depending runner robot weight, i might not be heavy enough to trigger AT mines.