Drop rate for 5* and 6* weapons


I’m pretty sure this discussion will help everybody when we’re farming for them golds and experimental’s! If you know drop rates of certain weapons from certain rivals (ie: a level one proto hunter vs a level four apoco tank) feel free to leave them here!


At least for my understanding, it no point to kill any other than level rivals 4.

This is totally gut feeling, but for my experience killing level 1-3 rivals, drops are nonexistent.

Make sure everyone is above lvl 25, thats the level limit for experimental weapon drops.


Hard to tell, but I definitely got 6* weapons from lv1 prototype harvester rivals. I seem to have more luck than most and have traded away around a dozen exp weapons and close to 100 5* guns and attachments, and the only consistent measure of ‘good loot’ is that tanks and harvesters carry most of it. Non-rivals have dropped at least one of any gun in-game in 5* rarity as of now, and I found all exp guns except the LMG, some of them dropped multiple times. Ticks, runners and hunters don’t drop valuables in an appreciable amount, though the apoc runners and hunters have decent clothes drops.

My recommendation:

  • Kill / ignore all ticks, they cannot drop anything.
  • Kill apoc runners, they may drop DLC items. Sneaking behind them usually makes for a one-sided fight.
  • Kill all hunters for ammo and occasional attachments. Apoc hunters may have DLC guns and attachments.
  • Kill higher-level seekers for NV/thermal/x-ray modules if you have the appropriate perk. I got hundreds of single and double-function vision modules, but only a single triple vision module in 250 hours of gameplay. (The x-ray function is of limited use due to the way the game renders its environment, and the NV doesn’t help much in my experience, so getting the perk may not be useful in the long term. I recommend the thermal imaging though, it is extremely useful.)
  • Kill tanks and harvesters for large amounts of ammo, weapons and attachments and occasional DLC items.
  • Rivals are only worth the wait if they are above military class. Runner rivals are rare and do not drop anything worth the effort to take them down.


25% Chance with a party of 4

Sliding scale as you reduce party members.

Post-update formula is on the agenda with the 256 rivals I’ve got in limbo


No-one knows what the actual drop rate of any weapon/mod from machines is.
All we can do, is guesswork.

Some folks have destroyed 100+ rivals without any experimental weapon drop. Others kill as little as 7 rivals until experimental weapon drops.


Yeah this is true. As soon as I got the alpine unrest DLC and killed my first rival, I got the experimental shotgun. I then go on to rival farm and kill, maybe 30~ lvl 4 rivals over the course of three days. It wouldn’t be another 5-7 days before I saw another experimental drop. In conclusion, I personally think the drop rates for experimentals is 1/1000 for lvl 1’s. Increasing the said rivals level increases the drop rate by 25%.
- level one = 1/1000
- level two = 1/750
- level three = 1/500
- level four = 1/250
Not counting the type of rival. I think these are the drop rates. But if you were counting the type of rival the chances would go down even more
- level 1 prototype runner = 1/250
- level 2 military hunter = 1/200
- level 3 FNIX harvester = 1/150
- level 4 apocalypse tank = 1/100
And note, I’m a Xbox One player, so I don’t have FNIX Rising. I don’t know if these are accurate for pc players or even if they are remotely close to the actual drop rates.


I’m also gonna be running the numbers on Xbox mate - be good to compare if that’s OK down the line


I haven’t gotten a single 5* weapon drop from any enemy including Rivals, but earlier this week I got to level 25 and from the third Rival kill of the same day I got an Experimental Kvm 59. The Rival in question was a level 4 Rival FNIX Harvester.


wish we would get a offical document for this stuff