Dropped items disappearing / not showing


  • Xbox


  • While playing last night we found that we were unable to drop anything. After looting a tank, I dropped some ammo to gift to another player but we couldn’t find the bag. The host then tried dropping something and found that the same thing happened to him. Figuring it was some quirk of the terrain we moved away.

  • We then trekked on foot to another location, fought a Rival, and I was about to gift an experimental weapon to another player when I remembered what happened last time. Again, I dropped some ammo and again it disappeared.

  • We then fast travelled to Alby church safe-house, tried again and any item dropped disappeared. Inventory was reduced, and no backpack appeared on the floor. This was the same for all players in the game.


  • We could loot everything as normal, but dropped items didn’t appear as backpacks.

Host or Client:

  • Client

Players in your game:

  • 3